New Orleans Saints Ask Store to Stop Displaying 'Who Dat' Casket

By Andrew Fisher
New Orleans Saints
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The New Orleans Saints are known for having great fans. Through lots of adversity over the years, fans have always stuck with the team. After all the seasons of losing and the hardships of Hurricane Katrina, it all paid off back in 2010 when the Saints won the Super Bowl. It’s safe to say that love for the Saints will continue on for generations to come. But even for those fans that pass on, there’s a way to keep love for the team alive forever. Well, at least there was.

A store in a New Orleans mall named ‘Til We Meet Again has been ordered by the Saints to stop displaying a ‘Who Dat’ casket (seen below):

who dat casket

The store uses the Who Dat casket as a display in the front window to attract customers and also as a prop in ads. However, the NFL is not okay with this because of the logo on the casket. The logo is of course an exact replica of the Saints fleur de lis symbol, which is trademarked by the NFL — and we all know you can’t use those without ‘expressed written consent’ or without paying a truckload of money to the league.

Here’s how Saints senior vice president of communications, Greg Bensel, views the store’s use of the logo:

“While we very much appreciate our fans and their support, we and the NFL always strive to protect our trademarks and our intellectual property, at least in this world, not sure about the next. After seeing their recent TV ad, we sent a confirming privileged communication to their attorney offering to sit down and discuss the matter.”

For now, the store isn’t complying with the Saints and the NFL. Store managing partner Jonathan LaHatte says that, “the league is repeating its aggressive tactics that they did in 2010 when the Saints went to the Super Bowl, trying to squeeze every penny out of a small business.”

Anyone want to guess who will win this battle? I’m unfortunately going to take big business — aka the National Football League.


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