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5 Philadelphia Eagles Who Must Be Kicked To The Curb Before Free Agency

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5 Philadelphia Eagles Who Must Be Kicked to the Curb Before Free Agency

Philadelphia Eagles Free Agency
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The Philadelphia Eagles are currently preparing for the scouting combine, and free agency is only a few weeks away. While there are plenty of possibilities with pending free agents and recent cuts around the league, there are also many players of the Eagles' own that either need to be re-signed or done away with.

Chip Kelly has made clear the type of player he wants. The simple fact is in year one of his regime, there were quite a few holdovers from the Andy Reid era. A Reid player is not necessarily a Kelly player.

Reid loved short, stout players with high motors. Kelly simply loves long, athletic specimens. On the defensive side of the ball, the latter is something that the Eagles are simply lacking. They need to get younger and more athletic both in the secondary and at pass rusher.

They frankly lack a dynamic player at either spot. It is hard to fill every hole in one offseason, especially with the amount of holes the Eagles have on the defensive side of the ball, but the talent pool is certainly there in both free agency and the draft to do just that.

It starts with their own though. Don't be surprised if there is a purge of players before, during and after the free agency period as the Eagles prepare for the draft and stack their board with the best available prospects that also fit a need.

This may be a very different looking Eagles team when training camp commences in July. Let's take a look at five Philadelphia Eagles who must be kicked to the curb before free agency.

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5. Brandon Graham

Brandon Graham Eagles
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Brandon Graham proved last season that he simply doesn't fit in a 3-4 defense. It would be in the Eagles' best interest to try and trade him for any type of value to a 4-3 team and move on.

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4. Patrick Chung

Patrick Chung Eagles
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Patrick Chung proved not to be the answer at safety last season. The veteran struggled with health and inconsistent play, and just never panned out in Eagles green. It is time to part ways.

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3. Nate Allen

Nate Allen Eagles
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Nate Allen comes off another season where he underachieved. He is simply average at best. The Eagles desperately need to upgrade the safety spot, and Allen needs to be purged from the roster.

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2. Jason Avant

Jason Avant Eagles
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Chip Kelly has a specific type of athlete in mind to play the slot. Jason Avant is not that guy. Don't get me wrong, he is a great veteran leader and has some of the best mitts on the team, but his lack of athleticism makes him a poor fit in Kelly's offense. Look for a shake-up at the wide receiver position for the Eagles this offseason.

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1. Trent Cole

Trent Cole Eagles
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Trent Cole's time as a Philadelphia Eagle has run out. Father Time is undefeated, and it seems to have caught up with the veteran. The Eagles need an influx of youth at pass rusher, and that starts with parting ways with the longtime Eagle.