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5 St. Louis Rams Who Must Be Kicked to the Curb Before Free Agency

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5 Rams To Cut

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The St Louis Rams did not have the year they thought they could have last season. They came in last place of what is probably the best division in the NFL. They showed signs of being really good, like when they beat the Indianapolis Colts 38-8. They showed signs of being really bad, like when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys 31-7.

Jeff Fisher brought back Gregg Williams to be defensive coordinator to start an offseason of change for the Rams. There are many moves that they need to make to compete in such a difficult division. Some players will be getting cut to fit the way the team will be constructed going forward.

I will go into this saying that if it seems like there is no chance to cut this person, then they will not appear on this list. I believe that Sam Bradford needs to get cut by this team to become very good, but the Rams have already come out and said that he is the quarterback to start the season.

The Rams got really lucky with the Washington Redskins' pick going all the way to No. 2 overall. They have eight picks outside of that one. They could even trade that pick for another nice package to stockpile more players. These players need to take the place of other players.

The team has some hard decisions to make. The Rams need to move on from some of their roster, and these are the five players the team needs to kick to the curb.

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5. William Hayes

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This may have been the hardest pick of the bunch. The way the Rams have structured all of their contracts, it is hard to get rid of any of them without a significant cap hit. William Hayes is part of a defensive end position that includes one of the best in the game in Chris Long and another great player in Robert Quinn. By the time all is said and done you could be adding Jadeveon Clowney to that mix. I think they would like to trade Hayes over just releasing him, but something must be done with this logjam.

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4. Barrett Jones

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This may be even less likely, but what is the use of keeping a guy on your team to be a third string center? Barrett Jones played in National Championships while at Alabama, but he has zero chance at playing while in St. Louis. He isn't making a ton, but it wouldn't hurt the Rams cap if he were released. There's no need to even replace him so that would just be freed up money.

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3. Kellen Clemens

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Kellen Clemens was surprisingly competent when he came in for the injured Bradford halfway through the year. He showed he could still be a backup level quarterback on some teams, but this cannot be that team. The Rams finally have to look into a plan B for when (yes, when) Bradford goes down again. They need someone who could turn into a Russell Wilson or Kirk Cousins.

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2. Chris Givens

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The Rams took two receivers in the first three rounds of last year's draft in West Virginia teammates Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey. This showed the lack of confidence they had in Chris Givens and Brian Quick. If the Rams cut Quick, they would have to pay more for him in dead money than his salary cap hit. Givens would save them some money, even though he is making less. He also caught a paltry 34 balls when he had 83 targets. That is pretty much pathetic.

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1. Isaiah Pead

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This relationship deteriorated faster than Charlie Sheen and insert anyone here. Isaiah Pead looked to be the clear cut No. 1 running back coming into camp, but he had to serve a one-game suspension for the substance abuse policy. It seemed like after that he was still going to be THE guy, but that honor went to Daryl Richardson. Just do everyone a favor and let him go. Maybe he will have a better time with the playbook elsewhere.