Cam Newton's Long-Term Contract Should Be Least of Carolina Panthers' Worries

By josephscalise
Cam Newton
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in the offseason, the Carolina Panthers have a lot of worries on their plate, and they shouldn’t make their franchise quarterback one of them. In a recent interview, Cam Newton stated that he wants to stay in Carolina for the long term, which should come as no surprise to the people in a state that both loves and adores him.

Newton showed interest in locking up a long-term contract, similar to Greg Hardy and Captain Munnerlyn, but also stated that he would not try and hold out. In the current position under the current deal, the Panthers can lock up Newton for three more years under the extension, which is by far their best option. This would take some pressure off the organization, and wouldn’t require them to worry about figuring out a new deal right now.

Not only that, but the Panthers have many players that they need to manage, and adding their franchise quarterback to that mix would only add to the cloud of doubt and uncertainty that is currently swirling around the Panthers.

Beyond the pressure and media, it is also no secret that money is a hot commodity in Carolina right now. With limited cap space and a whopping 21 free agents this offseason, the Panthers need to focus on the best ways to stretch their money. Keeping Newton in his deal would save some salary space for other players, and allow Carolina a little breathing room.

This move would help Carolina in keeping pressure off and let them focus on the things that matter. Newton is their franchise quarterback, there is no doubt about that, and he should not even be a problem right now. The defense is at risk of falling apart, and there are plenty of options in the NFL Draft that the Panthers need to consider.

It is a very mature move for Newton to say that he won’t hold out for more money. It reveals that he is somebody worth leading this team, sacrificing his own spotlight for the organization. Right now in Carolina, the organization should  be thanking him for the much-needed breathing room.

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