Dallas Cowboys Should Do More Than Just Meet With Johnny Manziel

By Jeremy Martin
Johnny Manziel, NFL Combine, Dallas Cowboys
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On Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys arrived in Indianapolis for the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine. On Friday, the process of deciding which players might fit with the Cowboys will begin. After the players arrive and are measured, each team will submit their list of 60 players that they would like to interview. One name reportedly on the list of the Dallas Cowboys is the controversial QB out of Texas A&M, Johnny Manziel.

Just because Manziel is on the list does not mean the Cowboys are considering drafting him. First of all, he will probably be long gone by the time Dallas makes their first selection at No 16 overall. Secondly, Jerry Jones has been adamant that the Cowboys will not use an early round selection on a QB because he believes that Tony Romo has many years of productivity left in him.

Those reasons, combined with the fact that the Cowboys are financially committed to Romo for the foreseeable future, make the chances of Johnny Manziel coming to Dallas between slim and none. But, I am here to tell you why Dallas should look seriously at finding a way to get Manziel.

I will start by saying that I have never believed that Tony Romo is the problem in Dallas. The majority of the criticism that he has received has been unjustified. I believe he has been a top 12 QB for most of his career, but he has never been on a team that had enough talent to be a Super Bowl contender. With that said, I have serious doubts that Romo will ever be the same QB again. He is 34 years old and is coming off his second back surgery in less than a year.

I would not be in favor of Dallas using an early pick on just any QB, but Manziel is not just any QB—he is special. I hear people say he is too small and has off-the-field issues. I hear what people say, but when I watch Manziel play, I see something different. I see a player that has the “It” factor—one who consistently makes plays that no other QB makes. I see a combination of Fran Tarkenton and Brett Farve. I see a guy that will be a star from the moment he gets to the NFL.

Guys like Johnny Manziel do not come along very often and if you don’t make an attempt to get them, you regret it for years. Dallas has a lot of problems and they have an above average QB. But, Manziel presents an opportunity to get a once-in-a-lifetime QB. If given that opportunity, Dallas can’t pass it up.

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