Doug Gottlieb Makes Distasteful Comment About Ray Rice Situation on Twitter

Doug Gottlieb

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Doug Gottlieb is a college basketball analyst for CBS and he’s never been known for having a filter. Since day one, this guy has been trouble and there’s no doubt that his recent tweet about the Ray Rice situation will further his demise in the sports analyst industry. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then check out what the outspoken former basketball player and current analyst said:

Sure, the fake Mike Tomlin account wasn’t correct in posting that picture of Baltimore Ravens‘ RB Ray Rice at an Atlantic City hotel, dragging his fiancee after reportedly knocking her out, but his response is just pathetic.

Fake accounts are known for posting racy things about current events and other controversial things. As you can see from the photo that was released to the public by TMZ, Rice was trying to carry his fiancee after she was apparently out cold and the account made a distasteful, but not surprising, tweet about the situation.

For a high profile character such as Gottlieb to respond by saying “and of course he fumbled” is probably not the best way to hold on to people’s wavering respect for you.

He has been known for doing regrettable and questionable things. In fact, he stole a credit card from a college roommate at Notre Dame and was kicked off the basketball team before transferring to Oklahoma State to finish his basketball career.

That wasn’t the only time in his life he was an idiot. In fact, check out this awkward no-filter video:

Time for CBS to make some choices.

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  • Chuck Mills

    He sounds like a perfect addition for this websites writing team.

    • Zach Morrison

      You seem like a really pleasant fellow. Your comments are all really nice.

      • Chuck Mills

        The world’s full of mean people. Get over it.

        • Zach Morrison

          Thanks for the advice, Chuck, but I didn’t ask for it. Get off your internet tough guy high horse.

          • Zach Morrison

            What grown man actually says, “Oh, I think today I’m going to read through internet articles and post a bunch of mean stuff.” Do you not have anything better to do?

          • Chuck Mills

            I read the articles on this site and frankly they’re just written with the intention of getting pageviews, which they excel at. All I’m saying is that Doug Gottlieb would be a perfect writer for RantSports. Don’t know what was so mean about that.

          • Zach Morrison

            I’m just saying, Chuck, that most sites shoot for page views. I write for this site, and I can’t speak for everyone here, but I can honestly say I haven’t written one article simply for page views.

          • Zach Morrison

            And, Chuck, I do apologize, I did seem to take your comment out of context. I went a bit overboard lol

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