How the New NFL Salary Cap Will Impact the NFL Draft

By Chris Ross
NFL Draft
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Teams all around the NFL are celebrating. Why? Well, with the news that the league’s salary cap will be raised from about $123 million to around $130 million, teams like the Carolina Panthers or the New Orleans Saints can sign their own big free agents in Greg Hardy and Jimmy Graham and also pursue others in free agency as well.

On the surface, this change may not seem to affect the NFL Draft all that much, especially considering the rookie pay scale in place. However, that assumption would be wrong. Going into free agency with more money in their pockets, teams could start looking to play the free agency game rather than looking to the draft for talent.

As a result of this, we could see a lot more trades in the first few rounds of this year’s draft, because teams will have already fulfilled their draft needs through a free agent signing. Not to mention due to the fact that there will likely be less cap casualties this year, all of the sudden the bigger salary cap’s impact on the draft is actually quite large.

Now I’m not saying that the draft is going to be totally ignored. Teams are still going to look to the draft for new talent; all I’m saying is they might not look to the draft as often now because of that extra $7 million in their pockets. I guess that’s just the nature of the business.

How do you think the larger salary cap will affect the NFL draft? Let it be known in the comments below.

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