New England Patriots Rumors: Greg Schiano Would be Risky Hire

By RanterX
Greg Schiano patriots
Getty Images

The reports from the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis include “buzz” that Greg Schiano could join the New England Patriots’ coaching staff this season. All the signs point to that as a strong possibility and the Patriots have to have at least some interest after so many different rumors regarding the possibility. However, they should think long and hard about it before making any decisions.

First of all, the Schiano and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick are good friends and have been for some time. The latter has endorsed the former as a coaching candidate since he was fired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the two have been hanging out together quite a bit at the combine in Indianapolis. For a coach who is currently unemployed, why else would he be spending a lot of time with Belichick at the place where teams scout college talent before the 2014 NFL Draft?

Now there’s a reason why Schiano was fired by the Bucs: His dictator-like approach as a coach didn’t go over well with the players and he lost his team because of that, despite the late-season success Tampa Bay experienced after Mike Glennon had a few games under his belt as the starting quarterback. Schiano was wise to rid the franchise of Josh Freeman, but the way he went about it didn’t do him any favors as a coach to his players.

Even though he likely wouldn’t be very high on the food chain in New England, the fact he was so unsuccessful in Tampa Bay has to worry Belichick and company at least a little bit. Then again, the Patriots seem to be able to make anyone fit their system, so New England might be the perfect place for a guy like Schiano.

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