Rex and Rob Ryan Photo at Hooters is Simply Priceless

By RanterX
Rex Ryan Rob Ryan Hooters

The NFL scouting combine is a place for hard work, but even the hardest-working NFL coaches have to take a break every now and then. When those coaches happen to twin brothers, sometimes that can get crazy. When those specific twin coaching brothers are Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan, all bets are off, as you can tell by the picture above of the two photographed with the Hooters girls.

The Ryan brothers probably party hard wherever they go — Rex was photographed running with the bulls in Spain last year — so it’s really no surprise to see the picture of them with the Hooters girls in Indianapolis. Do you think their publicists like it? Who knows. Heck, Rob probably doesn’t even have a publicist. Come to think of it, it’s likely that neither of them do.

If there were a way to prove it, we’d love to take bets on which brother hit on the most girls while at the restaurant. We’d also love to know what they ordered and how they ordered it. To be a fly on the wall near their table at this specific Hooters in Indy would have been something, and not because of the conversations you would have heard, but because of all the wing sauce that would have gone flying your way. Let’s put it this way: there’s a reason why the picture didn’t include them eating at Hooters. It’s probably best a shot like that never gets published. You feel me?

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