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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents the San Francisco 49ers Should Avoid at All Costs

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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents The San Francisco 49ers Should Avoid At All Costs

San Francisco 49ers NFL Free Agents
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The San Francisco 49ers have built one of the strongest rosters in the league. They have talent on both sides of the ball, but they still need to find some upgrades in free agency if they want to finally get over the hump and win a title.

The hard part for them will be finding those upgrades without spending too much. The 49ers don’t have a lot of cap space available, so if they are going to get better through free agency they need to do it by finding undervalued players, not overrated ones that will come with price tags they can’t afford.

The biggest need for San Francisco is to find a dynamic receiver to pair with Michael Crabtree. There are several receivers available in free agency who have been productive in the past, but receiver is also a position that can be very dangerous on the open market. All it takes is one team to over value the upside of someone who has been good in a limited role before, and you have the recipe for a bad contract.

The 49ers can’t afford to be the team that gives away a bad contract this year. They already have a roster good enough to compete for a championship, what they need is a roster good enough to win one. That will only come if they can augment the talent they already have with a few strategic free agent signings this offseason.

Signings that can’t include them going after any of these five overrated free agents.

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5. Anthony Spencer

Anthony Spencer NFL Free Agents
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A former first-round pick of the Dallas Cowboys, Anthony Spencer is coming off a season lost to a knee injury. He's been productive in the past, but that production will only mean that some team talks themselves into giving him a big contract, one he's unlikely to live up to coming off a major injury.

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4. Asante Samuel

Asante Samuel NFL Free Agents
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The Atlanta Falcons recently cut cornerback Asante Samuel to clear some cap space. Samuel, once one of the better zone-coverage guys in the league, lost his starting role to a rookie last season and doesn't have much left to offer a team. But, of course, that won't stop someone from giving him too much money.

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3. Hakeem Nicks

Hakeem Nicks NFL Free Agents
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Hakeem Nicks is at the top of most free-agent wide receiver lists. He's been productive when healthy, but the problem is he hasn't been healthy very often. He might be worth the risk for a team that has the cap money to spare if he doesn't work out, but the 49ers can't afford to take that kind of a gamble right now.

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2. Dexter McCluster

Dexter McCluster NFL Free Agents
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Dexter McCluster is the perfect example of an overrated guy. It doesn't mean he's not good or he can't contribute in the right situation, but it means that someone is going to over value that contribution. He's a quality hybrid receiver-runner, but isn't worth the big contract he'll likely get from someone who sees him as a top-end playmaker.

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1. Eric Decker

Eric Decker NFL Free Agents
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Wide Receiver Eric Decker is, by far, the guy most likely to get overpaid this offseason. The classic example of someone who is a good second receiver, but will struggle as the top guy; he will nevertheless get paid like a No. 1. The 49ers can't afford to be that team.