Oakland Raiders Should Get Whatever They Can For Terrelle Pryor

By Kevin Saito
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It’s no secret that the Oakland Raiders have something of a problem with their quarterbacking situation. There are as many opinions on how to fix that problem as there are fans in the Raiders Nation. Some back Matt McGloin. Some back Terrelle Pryor. Some advocate drafting Johnny Manziel/Teddy Bridgewater/Blake Bortles.

Others want to see the team bring in a proven veteran who can be a starter and help groom the younger QBs on the roster. Still others want to see GM Reggie McKenzie call either Jim Plunkett and/or Rich Gannon to see if they happen to have anything left in the tank. It’s a bit of a mess to say the least.

So what is the best way to go about fixing the problem? The Raiders would be smart to start by getting rid of Pryor.

With Trent Edwards signed to a futures contract, the team actively perusing the free agent market for a viable veteran starter, the team looking to add a young arm through the draft and McGloin’s place on the team, that’s a lot of quarterbacks on the roster. It’s more than the Raiders are going to be willing to keep for the regular season.

Pryor started strong-ish last season but regressed as the year wore on and teams started to figure him out. He ended the year being more of a liability than an asset under center. But there are some teams out there — possibly the Washington Redskins or the Philadelphia Eagles — who see some value in Pryor and might be willing to swing a deal.

And according to Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times, the Raiders are willing to “listen to offers” for the young signal caller. There are some rumors out there linking the Redskins to a Pryor for Kirk Cousins trade scenario. If true, the Raiders would be smart to jump on it quickly. There are also rumors about Philadelphia’s Chip Kelly salivating at the thought of adding Pryor to his roster, though with Nick Foles developing into a top-flight quarterback in his own right, it seems a little more dubious.

When asked specifically about Pryor, head coach Dennis Allen was non-committal, saying that he’s young and still needs time to develop; time, he indicated, that the Raiders might not be able to give him. Which of course leads us all back to the fact that the Raiders are actively shopping Pryor and that he likely won’t be on the roster when camps open.

The Raiders would be smart to get what they can for Pryor. If it’s a quarterback like Cousins, terrific. If it’s perhaps another draft pick or two also terrific. The team is rebuilding and can use all of the picks they can get. If all they can get for Pryor is a ham sandwich and a diet Coke, the team should still take that deal because ham sandwiches are good and that might be the best deal they’ll be able to get.

He’s a tremendous athlete and can make a lot of plays with his legs, but he’s not starting quarterback material and his 2013 performance proved that. Picking him up in the first place was an experiment and it’s one that didn’t work out. The experiment is over and it’s time to turn out the lights on it.

Pryor is obviously the odd man out in Oakland and doesn’t fit in with their plans moving forward. With so much at stake for McKenzie and Allen this season, they have to get it right. The team would do well to get what they can for him or just release him outright and move forward with a veteran pick-up, McGloin, a young arm they pick up in the draft, or some combination of all three.

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