5 NFL Franchises That Need Johnny Manziel On Their Roster

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5 NFL Franchises That Need Johnny Manziel On Their Roster

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You know those things in life that you want, but don't necessarily need? Johnny Manziel is a beg your parents, throw a tantrum, haggle-worthy quarterback/money-making machine that some franchises need. Not want, need. He'd be a breath of fresh air for five organizations. We're talking bursting forth from a body of water with lungs almost depleted of oxygen before getting that first deep inhale.

He's walked the walk and talked the talk at the NFL Combine. For the 40 yard dash lovers, let the salivating commence. He ran a 4.56 (unofficially), the fastest time of all quarterbacks in attendance. Ole Johnny Football has the gift of gab and will have had audiences with at least two teams on the following lineup. To make it in The League, you have to be just as quick between your ears as on your feet, after all.

I'm not a proponent of televising interviews between players and the brass of an organization. However, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't want to see the verbal highlight reel Manziel must put together. The kid -- at what point do you stop calling him "kid"? Okay, we'll go with "guy" -- the guy may very well spin the questions around on a GM, but tiptoe that fine line between offensive and charming.

Regardless, what I know is this -- some teams could use Manziel. Others wouldn't object to having him on the depth chart, and indeed, there are teams that want him. There's five that absolutely, positively, without a doubt need him. Let's see who they are.

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5. Cleveland Browns

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Manziel has already come out and stated that if he gets picked by the Cleveland Beowns that he'll pour his heart out for the Dawg Pound. He may be the best thing to happen to the organization since recyclable paper bags.

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4. Houston Texans

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You did the impossible and jump started a college program left for dead. Now you find yourself with the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. What do you do, Bill O'Brien, what do you do? Manziel would be an instant favorite, and jersey sales would go through the roof. Forget a franchise quarterback. Manziel would be the franchise.

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3. Dallas Cowboys

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Another opportunity pops up in the Lone Star State. Let's say Jerry Jones does a very Jerry Jones-like thing and trades up to make sure he snags Manziel. I don't have beef with Tony Romo, but much like in Houston, immediate love and money would flow.

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2. Jacksonville Jaguars

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Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne or Ricky Stanzi aren't getting you to the playoffs or even out of the cellar any time soon, Jags. Having watched Stanzi extensively as an Iowa Hawkeye, I can tell you he'd do the honorable thing and hand over his No. 2 jersey.

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1. Oakland Raiders

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How do I put this bluntly? Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor aren't the answer in Oakland. I've been impressed with what Pryor has done, but if his dome hasn't hit the ceiling, it will soon. Make it happen, Raiders. You know you want to.

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