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5 Green Bay Packers Who Must Be Kicked To The Curb Before Free Agency

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5 Green Bay Packers Who Must Be Kicked To The Curb Before Free Agency

Green Bay Packers NFL Free Agency
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The Green Bay Packers have been one of the more disappointing teams in the NFL over the last few seasons. Not that they haven't played well — they've played better than most — but considering they were the favorite to win the Super Bowl just a couple years ago, the lack of any real playoff success in recent years is troubling.

That lack of success has largely been due to injuries, but when a team suffers because of injury, it shines a spotlight on their lack of depth. The Packers, a team that usually drafts really well, are suddenly faced with a top-heavy roster that doesn't have the kind of depth that they're used to. It’s that kind of depth that they need to address this offseason.

In order to make room for that new depth, the Packers are going to need to make some tough cuts before free agency starts. Green Bay is in good shape with the salary cap mostly because they've avoided bad contracts in the past. They don't have much dead money, which means they have some cash to spend if they want to find upgrades in the free agent market.

One thing that has kept the Packers on top of the NFL pile for a long time now is their good player management. They have a solid roster, but they need to make a few moves to get back to championship form. They're not far from getting back there and just need to make a few adjustments.

These are the five guys that the Packers must cut ties with before free agency starts.

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5. Nick Perry

Nick Perry Green Bay Packers
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Former first-round pick Nick Perry has been a disappointment so far in the NFL. A defensive end in college who was drafted to make the move to pass-rushing outside linebacker, he's only played in 17 games in two years and has only six sacks on his record. The Packers need another good pass rusher on the other side of Clay Matthews, but Perry hasn't turned out to be that guy.

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4. Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby Green Bay Packers
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Mason Crosby had a bounce-back season last year, but his history still concerns me. Last season was only the second time in his career that he had a field goal percentage above 80 percent. That's just not good enough to cut it, especially at a cap hit of $3.4 million. For the record, that's three times as much as Randall Cobb costs.

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3. Jarrett Bush

Jarrett Bush Green Bay Packers
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Eight-year pro Jarrett Bush has been inconsistent at best. He finds himself out of position too often, and is always getting passed over for playing time unless an injury forces Green Bay to put him on the field. The Packers can save themselves almost $2 million if they let him go. Better to bring in a cheaper, younger player who might have some developmental upside.

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2. B.J. Raji

B.J. Raji Green Bay Packers
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Big ol' defensive lineman B.J. Raji is going to get overpaid by someone this offseason. He's had trouble staying healthy lately, and hasn't been a consistent playmaker in a couple of years. The Packers have already offered him a deal for more money that he's worth, and he turned that deal down. The time is now to let him go and move on.

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1. Tramon Williams

Tramon Williams Green Bay Packers
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This one is all about the money. Tramon Williams comes with a $9.5 million cap hit this year. That's too much for a corner who can't be considered anywhere near the elite category. The Packers need to let him go and spend the money on a better investment if he isn't willing to renegotiate and take less money to stay.