Carolina Panthers Have More Reasons to Cut DeAngelo Williams Than to Keep Him

By josephscalise
DeAngelo Williams
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Panthers are a team that, even with the NFL’s plan to add additional cap space to the league, still need to find ways to make room in their budget. They are a team that is in the middle of trying to build a championship contender. To do that, the organization needs to find ways to keep their best playmakers on the roster while also cutting away the excess fat. One player they should cut is DeAngelo Williams.

Last year Williams had an average year by running back standards with 843 rushing yards rushing and catching a few balls out of the backfield. However, he only managed to find the end zone a few times, averaged 4.3 yards a carry and never really established himself as a threat. While it is true that those lackluster numbers are not just a reflection of Williams and are a reflection of a poor running game, right now the Panthers have many more reasons to cut Williams than to keep him.

The first, and most important, reason that Williams should be cut is the money. The Panthers need to find ways to free up salary cap space to bring back the big names on their roster. Williams’ current cap number is $6 million which is way more money that his last year’s performance deserved. If the Panthers were to let Williams go, they would free up an extra $2 million in cap space. Not only that, but it is not as if Carolina is lacking in the running back department. The Panthers also have Mike Tolbert and Jonathan Stewart on their roster, and both are also under contract. While neither of those running backs had particularly impressive years either, the fact that the Panthers have options should make cutting Williams an easy choice. This move would bring the Panthers a little extra money, and allow them to focus on re-signing other parts of the team.

Carolina is making moves to become a long term superpower in the NFL, and the first step to doing that is deciding who they need and who they don’t. Williams should be an easy cut.

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