Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is Making Jason Garrett's Job Tougher

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys’ offseason has been a confusing one. They hired Scott Linehan but also kept Bill Callahan. They demoted Monte Kiffin, yet they also promoted him to assistant head coach.

Just when you thought the Cowboys’ offseason could not get any more confusing and dysfunctional, Jerry Jones decided to speak with the media at the NFL Combine.

Jerry answered the typical questions about the Combine and which players the team might be interested in drafting. But Jerry did not stop there. He was asked about the coaching changes and what it would mean for the 2014 season. Jones has been known to say some wild things, but some of the things he said on Sunday are wild even for Jerry.

When asked about the offensive coaches heading into 2014, Jones made it clear that Linehan will be bringing his offense to Dallas and that he will be the offensive coordinator. Jones said, “Linehan gives us a complete real change of our offense with our terminology.”

Jones also said that quarterback  Tony Romo will be “more involved” in the offense than he was last year. Last season, Romo was involved in the game plan meetings each week and supposedly had full power to change any and all plays at the line of scrimmage. I find it hard for him to be any more involved than that.

Jerry also said that the plan last year was for Callahan to take over the offense, but Garrett would not allow that to happen. Jones told reporters that Garrett was “unquestionably” the coordinator on a day-to-day basis. That completely contradicts what Garrett declared all last year which was that Callahan was in charge.

According to Jones, not only will Garrett not be calling plays, but he will have very little to do with the offense at all. Instead, he will be spending much of his time improving the defense—something he has no experience doing.

In one session with the media, Jones basically said that Garrett lied about his role last season and announced that Garrett would have no say in the offense in the 2014 season but would have say in the defense—the area with  which he has no prior experience.  Jones needs Garrett to succeed this season, and I believe he wants him to succeed. However, after his comments on Sunday, I also believe he just made the chances for that success much more elusive.

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