Dee Ford Affects Draft Stock With Unnecessary Statements About Jadeveon Clowney

By Ben Sullivan
Dee Ford Jadeveon Clowney
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Former Auburn defensive end Dee Ford came into the combine as one of the more intriguing defensive prospects in the draft. He was already likely to fall to someone in either the late first or early second rounds, which would have put him high atop the list of potential draft steals. But after his stupid and unnecessary comments about Jadeveon Clowney, he could see his stock drop even further.

Ford, who did not participate in the combine drills because the medical staff told him to sit out, came out and said that Clowney played like a “blind dog in a meat market”. While the statement might be as true as it is funny to envision, the fact that he opened his mouth in the first place has to make teams weary of taking him.

His comments about Clowney are the pre-draft version of bulletin board material. NFL teams hate it when their players give someone on the other team a reason to have even more motivation against them. While his comments might not have done anything to motivate Clowney — at this point I don’t think much can — they make you wonder if he understands why that kind of talk can’t get to the media.

Those are the type of sound bites that teams can use against you when the games start to count for real. We always hear about coaches using trash talk in the media to get their players going before a big matchup, and Ford’s comments would be front page material. By all accounts, Ford is a good kid and an above-average prospect. But if I’m the head coach of an NFL team, I have to be worried that he doesn’t understand how to deal with the media.

Maybe you could look past it if he had the kind of talent that the guy he went after has, but for a borderline first-round pick, any red flags like this can make him drop quickly.

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