Jerry Jones Blaming NFL for Dallas Cowboys’ Problems is Newest Pathetic Low

By Jeric Griffin
Jerry Jones blames NFL salary cap for Cowboys problems
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There is no end as to how low Jerry Jones will stoop to not only deflect blame for the Dallas Cowboys’ lack of success, but also take new credit for success that was experienced a quarter of a century ago. On Monday, Jones blamed the NFL and its salary cap for the Cowboys’ current state of dysfunctionality while also taking credit for the franchise’s success in the early 1990s for which he deserves none. This guy is something else. We can’t say exactly what because of the foul language that would require, but he’s definitely something else.

First of all, Jerry’s claim that he can’t “just fix” the Cowboys because of the NFL’s rules is arguably the most asinine and pathetic thing he’s ever said, and that’s a big deal if you’re familiar with Dallas’ colorful owner at all. So apparently Jerry isn’t aware that the other 31 NFL teams have to abide by the same salary cap rules and 30 of those 31 are under the salary cap heading into 2014. He must be under the impression the salary cap applies only to the Cowboys. Classic Jerry.

However, his explanation for the Cowboys’ success in the early 1990s is even better because of the way he remembers it:

“You can’t do what I did in 1989 because of the contracts and cap. The system automatically creates about a third turnover but it also creates contractually for clubs a situation where you cannot just strip it. You couldn’t even field a team with the hits against your cap by canceling the contracts.”

Wait, it was Jerry who made that Herschel Walker trade and acquired all those draft picks that turned into Hall of Famers who won Super Bowls for Dallas? Oh, ok; all this time we (everyone with any knowledge of the Cowboys) thought it was Jimmy Johnson, who has been credited with that move for the past 25 years. Thanks for clearing it up, Jerry.

You’ve got to be kidding. This man has absolutely fallen off the funny wagon and now the rumors around Valley Ranch that he’s developing Alzheimer’s are gaining some weight. But that’s not all! He went one step further to say the Cowboys also can’t be fixed right away because that would be too easy. No, seriously — he said that.

“The easiest thing in the world is to change and go look for something new. ‘Something’ being maybe a style, a player, that type of thing. That’s easy to make that decision. Now you have to know, you’re sitting there saying, ‘Ok, where do I go from here? And what type of player am I going to have out there? And who is the best way to use it if there is an asset somewhere else?’ You’ve got to roll the clock forward.”

So after all that absolutely ridiculous talk about the salary cap and about what he did in 1989 to propel Dallas to three Super Bowl wins, Jerry says he won’t just take the easy way out. That’s funny because that seems to be all he’s done for the greater part of the last two decades. After Jerry ran Jimmy out of town due to jealousy, the Cowboys have had six head coaches in 20 years. Heck, they’ve had four different ones since 2010 and almost as many coordinators and offensive schemes as wins during that time!

But Jerry specifically said “player,” which alludes to his loyalty to Tony Romo, and that’s the one thing he’s done right over the past decade. However, with as much turnover as the Cowboys have had on the roster and coaching staff since Jimmy left, Jerry’s implication that he hasn’t made quick, brash decisions with his franchise in recent years in absolute joke.

Folks, if you’re still wondering why the Cowboys have been mediocre at best since their last Super Bowl win, Jerry’s comments made the day before the 25-year anniversary of his purchase of the team should clear everything up for you. Let there be no more silly debate as to what (or who) is the problem in Dallas.

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