Pics Of Hot Girls At NFL Tailgate Parties

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A look into the tradition of tailgating

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When it comes to NFL tailgate parties, many thoughts come to mind. A truly unique American experience, tailgating has its roots firmly set in a tradition over 100 years in the making. There are many myths as to the exact origin of tailgating with no concrete evidence to prove which is what really started the phenomenon.

The first myth points back to a tailgate party during the first ever college football game between Rutgers and Princeton. Fans who attended started a pre-game ritual of grilling sausages at the "tail end" of the horse. Grilling and preparing food like sausages, hot dogs, and steaks have always been a focal point of tailgating, even back to this game at the college football level.

Another myth that still holds strong in debates on how tailgating started dates back to 1904 at Yale university. Apparently, a train on its way to the game had a packed house filled with tons of fans waiting to attend the game. Since it was a pretty long train ride, the fans arrived completely starving looking for anything to eat. Yale fans already in attendance around the stadium had plenty of food and drinks to go around and it was one incredibly fun event.

The final myth which makes the most sense has the tradition of tailgating originated by the Green Bay Packers. It was in 1919 that legions of fans would back up their trucks around Lambeau Field and pack the parking lots with food, beverages and sports radio. The famous cheeseheads had plenty of discussion about the current state of the team with everyone able to chime in.

Tradition is a beautiful thing because it passes down from generation to generation. There is a secret to the art of tailgating since everyone who attends shares a common bond whether you root for the home team or not. Everyone is there for football, a true American sport that to this day draws some of the biggest crowds, best TV ratings, and shows a superb brand of sportsmanship that you can't compare to any other sports league out there. Another great part of tailgating is that for the past decade or so, it's not just men and their sons in parking lots tossing a football around. Women can now throw down with the best of them when it comes to their favorite NFL teams.

Without further ado, please enjoy the following pictures of some of the hottest girls at NFL tailgate parties!

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