San Francisco 49ers Would Be Absolutely Crazy to Ditch Jim Harbaugh

By Andrew Fisher
Jim Harbaugh
USA Today Sports

The craziest rumor of this past weekend no doubt involved Jim Harbaugh. Out of nowhere, rumors emerged about the San Francisco 49ers head coach being traded to the Cleveland Browns. There’s been a lot of back-and-forth on whether there’s any truth to the rumors, but overall it seems that some sort of deal was on the table to send Harbaugh to the Browns.

There are lots of varying opinions on this potential trade, but I’m squarely in the camp that thinks the 49ers would be crazy to trade their head coach.

I get it, Harbaugh is a little nutty sometimes. He’s not the best representative for the 49ers with his childish sideline antics, but the guy can flat out coach. Just look at where the 49ers were before he got to town. The franchise was nowhere near the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. After eight years of not making the playoffs, they’re now right on the cusp of winning the Super Bowl.

Harbaugh has taken the Niners to three straight NFC title games — a place the franchise hasn’t been since 92-94.

I just don’t get why a team would want to part ways with the coach who brought it back to relevancy. Winning is the name of the game in the NFL and that’s all Harbaugh has done since arriving in the Bay back in 2011. Sure, he could act a little more professional and be a little easier on his players, but there’s no guarantee the 49ers would all of a sudden get over the hump and win the Super Bowl if he changed his style.

Good coaches are hard to come by, and some of the best ones come with baggage. Harbaugh is one of those guys. Until he stops winning, there simply shouldn’t be any talk about him leaving town.


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