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12 Questions We Wish We Could Ask Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

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A Dozen Questions For Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll
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Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll coached the Patriots from 1997-99.

As a sports writer I would love the opportunity to interview anyone who has been successful in sports. Prior to this year’s Super Bowl between the Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, only two coaches had won both a Super Bowl and a college football national championship—Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer. Once the Seahawks beat the Broncos, Carroll became the third to join that club. When Carroll was the head coach at the University of Southern California, (the real USC—the University of South Carolina is not referred to as USC outside of the state of South Carolina), USC won two national championships, in 2003 and 2004. In the 2003-04 Bowl Championship Series title game, Louisiana State defeated Oklahoma, but the Associated Press ranked USC at number one in its final poll that season.

Let me just take a quick moment to say how happy I am that the awful and confusing BCS era finally came to an end after this year’s National Championship in which Florida State beat Auburn. The BCS has been terrible from day one and I can’t believe it lasted as long as it did, but I’m glad it is finally gone. Better late than never I guess.

Okay, back to USC and Carroll. With Carroll at the helm, USC beat Oklahoma for the 2004-05 BCS title, but the NCAA later stripped USC of the title because of the whole paying players/Reggie Bush saga.

I know Carroll isn’t perfect and some people still don’t like how he left USC, but ultimately I think he’s a good guy, a heck of a coach, and someone that players love playing for.

If I had the chance to interview Carroll what would I ask him? Here are 12 questions I would like to ask Carroll if I ever get the chance.

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12. What is the Biggest Difference between Coaching in the NFL and College?

Pete Carroll
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I’d be interested to see if Carroll would talk about the difference in the rules, shorter season in college, maturity of the players or something else.

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11. What is the Best thing about Coaching in Seattle?

Pete Carroll
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It can’t be the weather. Is it the 12th man?

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10. What Does he Think USC Needs to do to get back to National Dominance?

Pete Carroll
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Obviously he doesn’t coach USC anymore, but he did in the past and the Trojans were extremely successfully during his tenure. He knows the landscape of USC football and it would be interesting to hear his insights into what he believes USC needs to do to get back on top.

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9. Why Does his Fun/Relaxed Approach Work in the NFL When it Doesn't for Others?

Pete Carroll
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lmost all successful football coaches (especially in the NFL) are no nonsense when it comes to football. Carroll provides an atmosphere that is more fun and relaxed than most, but somehow it works. Why does he think that is?

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8. Why do his Players like Playing for Him?

Pete Carroll
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It’s a fact that players enjoy playing for Carroll. I would have to try to get his insight into why he thinks this is the case.

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7. Who is his Favorite Player he has ever Coached at the Pro or College Level?

Pete Carroll
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Carroll has coached a lot of great players. I would be interested to see if he could narrow it down to one player.

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6. What is the Single Most Important Attribute that Makes Russell Wilson Successful?

Pete Carroll
Elsa-Getty Images

I’m indifferent towards the Seahawks (although I wanted them to beat the Broncos in the Super Bowl), but I am a fan of Russell Wilson. Russell started out third on the depth chart when he was drafted by Seattle, and Carroll saw something that made him name Wilson the starter. What is the one main thing he saw?

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5. Which is More Satisfying to Win? A Super Bowl or BCS Championship?

Pete Carroll
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Winning either must be incredibly satisfying, but winning both? Incredible, and Carroll is one of three people who can truly answer this question.

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4. Why is it Patriots Fans Think he was so Awful during his Tenure in New England?

Pete Carroll
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots fans seem to think Carroll was a complete failure in New England. Carroll was 10-6, 9-7 and 8-8 in his three years in New England. The Patriots won the AFC East in 1997, lost in the wild card round in 1998 and missed the playoffs in 1999. I know Patriots fans (myself included) have been spoiled under Bill Belichick, but Carroll was not bad when he was with New England.

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3. Is Jadeveon Clowney Worthy of Being the No. 1 Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft?

Pete Carroll
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The talk this week is whether or not Clowney is a smart or way-too risky No. 1 pick. I personally would not take him even if he is a freak of an athlete. He showed a lazy work ethic last season. I know he was probably being safe so he didn’t get hurt before the draft and he’ll end up being drafting in the top five no matter what, but I would not take him number one. I’d love to hear Carroll’s thoughts.

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2. Is he really a 9/11 Truther?

Pete Carroll
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If this is true I, 100 percent disagree with Carroll and I wonder what in the world he is thinking. In the spring of 2013 Carroll sat down with retired General Peter Chiarelli. It should have gone smoothly enough, but the two began talking about head injuries, which lead to Chiarelli talking about head injuries he had witnessed in Iraq. Once Iraq was mentioned Carroll took the conversation on a detour. Carroll began asking if the attack on the Pentagon really happened and continued to ask about almost every 9/11 conspiracy theory. I like Pete, but I can't back him on this.

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1. How Often is he in Contact with Jake Olson?

Pete Carroll
Jeff Gross-Getty Images

This story is one of the reasons I like Carroll. When he was just 10 months old, Jake lost his left eye to cancer, and even though he fought hard for 11 years to keep the rest of his vision, he ended up losing his right eye as well. A die-hard USC and football fan, Jake wanted to do one thing before he lost his sight for good; he wanted to watch a USC practice and game. Carroll made that happen and went above and beyond for Jake. I would love to know how often Pete and Jake stay in contact.