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NFL Rumors: Pro Bowl Moving To Arizona in 2015?

NFL Pro Bowl

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There are lots of opinions when it comes to the NFL Pro Bowl. Not everyone is a fan of the NFL’s annual All-Star exhibition game. But even though the game itself sucks, it still draws crazy ratings. It’s by far the worst ASG from the major pro sports leagues in America, but it still brings in the most viewers. It doesn’t make any sense, expect when you come to the realization that people will simply watch anything football-related. Especially, if it’s NFL-related.

Interest in the annual exhibition contest seemed to be up a bit in 2014. The two teams were drafted in a fantasy format for the first time ever and that change of pace appeared to take some heat off the game. It certainly didn’t hurt anything that the game itself was better than it had been in years.

So what does all of the above mean? It means that the Pro Bowl isn’t going anywhere for now. However, the game location could be on the move.

NFL personality Pete Dougherty is reporting that the league is seriously considering moving the Pro Bowl to Glendale, Arizona in 2015. Why would the annual exhibition contest move from the paradise that is Hawaii? Because the Super Bowl happens to be in Arizona in 2015 as well.

It’s thought that the Pro Bowl could be used as a ‘launch’ for Super Bowl week in the desert.

While I get that thought, let’s be honest — Super Bowl week doesn’t need any help gaining publicity. If anything, the SB would give a rub to the Pro Bowl.

As of now, this location change is all talk. If it does occur, it certainly won’t hurt the Pro Bowl. But will everyone magically start caring about the below average All-Star game? Nah.


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