5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Carolina Panthers HC Ron Rivera

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5 Questions I Wish I Could Ask Carolina Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera

Carolina Panthers: Ron Rivera
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The Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is riding on cloud nine right now, but things weren't always good for the Panthers leader.

Just last season, his job was in jeopardy as his team got off to another rocky start under his guidance. The Panthers started the season 1-3 and the Panthers faithful were calling for his dismissal. Then something magical happened. The Panthers went on a eight-game winning streak. That streak not only saved their season, it also secured the job status of Rivera.

Rivera was given the highest mark as a coach when he won Coach of the Year for guiding the Panthers to their first playoff berth in years. They also beat out the New Orleans Saints and the struggling Atlanta Falcons to earn the NFC South Division crown. Rivera’s season should go down in history right along with the career of New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin. It seems that every time his job is in jeopardy, he ends up winning a Super Bowl and the talks die down. Rivera is hoping that his career follows the same path as Coughlin's.

Rivera now has the tough job of keeping his team level-headed as they will now be one of the most hunted teams in the NFL. The Panthers will now realize that when you win in this league, there is a mark on your back. They do not want to fall victim to success like the Falcons did last year, and the success or failure will fall on the shoulders of Rivera whether he likes it or not.

Here are the five questions I would love to ask Ron Rivera.

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5.How Does It Feel To Coach The League's Best Defense?

Carolina Panthers: NFL Best Defense
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As a coach, it has to be some kind of comfort in knowing you are the leader of a unit that is best in the league.

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4. What Are Your Plans For The Wide Reciever Position?

Carolina Panthers: Steve Smith
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This is the team's biggest weakness and it needs to be addressed if the Panthers and Newton wish to move higher up the ladder.

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3. Did You Ever Think About Benching Cam Newton?

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton
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I would love to know if he felt the pressure coming from the media and fans to bench his star player when he was struggling.

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2. Did You Let Speculation About Job Security Get To You?

Carolina Panthers: Ron Rivera
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At any point last year, I wonder if he ever looked over his shoulder. No matter who you are, you have to hear the whispers around you.

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1. Do You Consider Last Season A Success?

Carolina Panthers
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Just because they made the playoffs does not mean that all goals were accomplished. The main goal is to win a championship and they fell short.

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