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5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Green Bay Packers HC Mike McCarthy

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5 Questions You Want to Ask HC Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy questions
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The members of the Green Bay Packers organization are incredibly busy at the moment. The players are in full swing in their offseason training, while management is working tirelessly to decide how to improve the team. As of right now, the main focus is on who Green Bay will select with the 21st overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. On top of that, the Packers must decide how to use their $31 million in cap space.

Diehard Green Bay fans are driving themselves crazy over who the Packers will take in the first round of the draft. Not to mention, who the organization will retain or sign in free agency is another area of concern for fans. The fact that general manager Ted Thompson intends to bring in some outside faces is a reason for the excitement level to hit an offseason high. However, acquiring new players means letting some people from last year’s squad leave town.

Packers’ fans want answers and head coach Mike McCarthy is the man where the questions should be aimed towards. Even though we can’t personally ask McCarthy whatever comes to mind, there’s no reason why we can’t come up with good questions to ask if the opportunity presented itself.

Check out the slideshow to see five questions you wish you could ask McCarthy. Also, make sure to comment below on which questions you would like to ask the head coach. Remember, there really isn’t a wrong question to ask the leader of your favorite football team.

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5. Why Does Dom Capers Still Have a Job?

Dom Capers' Job
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In my opinion, the Packers have made the right decision to keep Dom Capers as the defensive coordinator. With that being said, a majority of the fans would like to see Capers get fired and the team return to a 4-3 defense. Even though I believe having Capers stay on staff is the correct call, it would still be nice to know McCarthy’s thoughts on the subject. Does he believe the defense will improve significantly under Capers? Does he blame the defensive issues on the players and injuries? These are legitimate questions that only McCarthy knows the answer to.

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4. Will DuJuan Harris be a Factor in 2014?

Packers' DuJuan Harris a factor
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Eddie Lacy accomplished exactly what we all thought he was capable of achieving in his rookie season. Green Bay has a rock solid running game to go along with their lethal air attack, which makes them an incredibly dangerous team heading into the 2014 season. Even though Lacy was outstanding, the Packers still need a chance of pace back behind him.

It’s no secret that McCarthy is very fond of DuJuan Harris, who missed all of last season with fluid and irritation of the right patella. After undergoing surgery last August, the Packers are hopeful that he will return to 100 percent and be a factor for the team this year. The question that has to be asked is how big of a factor does McCarthy expect Harris to be? Along with that, is he enough of a threat for Green Bay to let James Starks walk in free agency?

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3. Who Will the Packers Select in the First Round?

Packers first round draft
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This is a question that even McCarthy probably doesn’t know the answer to at the moment. The Packers have the No. 21 overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. My hope is that they are able to select safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix with that pick. However, some believe Green Bay will go defensive line or tight end if a quality safety isn’t available. I believe it’s fair to know which direction McCarthy and the rest of the organization is leading towards.

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2. Will There be a Change at Safety?

Packers change at safety
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The Packers will select a safety at some point during the draft, it’s just a matter of where. If a safety is chosen in the first or second round, does that mean Green Bay plans to make an immediate change at the position? The fact that the Packers’ safeties graded out as the worst in the league in 2013 means something has to give. Considering Morgan Burnett just signed a big contract last year, it looks like M.D. Jennings could be the odd man out.

There’s also the possibility that the Packers will sign a safety in free agency, although that seems unlikely. The reason for that is because safeties are expensive. It’s simply more cost efficient to groom a safety from the draft. A second part to the question is if there’s any seriousness to Micah Hyde being moved to safety as an option.

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1. What is Your Realistic Opinion that the Packers Will Win the Super Bowl?

Chances Packers reach Super Bowl
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The final question that any of us should want to ask McCarthy is in regard to the team’s chance of winning the Super Bowl. Obviously, this is somewhat of a ridiculous question considering the draft has yet to happen and the roster has not been put together. With that being said, McCarthy should already have a good idea of what the Packers will need to do to go the distance.