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5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Houston Texans HC Bill O’Brien

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Questions For Bill O'Brien

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With only two wins this past season, the Houston Texans need to let the fans know how the team plans to improve.

The Texans did show commitment to improvement by hiring new coach Bill O'Brien, and a new change of leadership may be exactly what is needed in Houston. O'Brien took on the daunting task of running the Penn State Nittany Lions, and in two years he led the program to a total of 15 wins. While success in college football does not necessarily translate to success in the the NFL, O'Brien does have previous experience at the professional level.

O'Brien was hired by the New England Patriots in 2007 as an offensive assistant, but he quickly worked his way up in the organization. After being a wide receiver and quarterback coach through various seasons, he became the offensive coordinator for the Patriots in 2011. With the amount of experience that O'Brien has in various roles through several organizations, he will bring a wealth of knowledge and leadership to Houston.

With the hiring of O'Brien, the Texans will need to address several other important issues this offseason. Ranking 15th in passing yards and 20th in rushing yards, the need for improvement on offense is paramount. Simply relying on Arian Foster to carry the offense is no longer an option.

The defense allowed an average of 122.40 rushing yards a game, and O'Brien will need to figure out how he can return this defense to the threatening force it used to be in 2012.

He has quite a tall hill to climb in his first year coaching, and the success of the Texans in the next few years will be determined by how well O'Brien can get the players to buy into his vision.

If I was able to interview him personally, these would be the five questions that I would ask Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien.

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5. How Will Arian Foster Be Used?

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Some claim that the overuse of Arian Foster has led to his injury history. Will O'Brien continue to run Foster into the ground or will he protect him more by extending his use in the passing game?

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4. Matt Schaub's Future in Houston?

Matt Schaub
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The Texans may quickly have a quarterback controversy on their hands. If the Texans draft Johnny Manziel, will they play Case Keenum to see what he has or will Matt Schaub be the starter until Manziel is ready? Whether he becomes a backup for Houston or is traded, O'Brien will need to quickly figure out his game plan for the quarterback position.

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3. Can DeAndre Hopkins Replace Andre Johnson?

DeAndre Hopkins
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Andre Johnson is not getting any younger. As a former wide receiver coach, O'Brien will need to evaluate whether DeAndre Hopkins is the wide receiver that the team wants to build around. If not, the Texans may need to look to the draft to find a future replacement for Johnson.

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2. How Can You Improve the Texans?

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O'Brien needs to quickly leave his mark on his new team. He needs to separate himself from the old regime, and he needs to present a plan on how he is going to have a winning record in 2014.

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1. Johnny Manziel or Jadeveon Clowney?

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If it was purely his decision, who would Bill O'Brien draft? From coaching Penn State, O'Brien can obviously handle pressure and distractions, so he isn't afraid to be ridiculed for his opinions. I think that O'Brien would lean towards the player who fits the current needs of his team in Manziel.