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5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Oakland Raiders HC Dennis Allen

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5 Questions For Oakland Raiders HC Dennis Allen

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Have you ever sat and watched an NFL press conference and really wished you were in attendance, mainly because the questions you would ask, never seem to be asked? Yeah, me too. There is always some guy who asks one of those typical "Hey Coach, tough loss, how does it feel to lose a game like that?" questions. Like the answer to that question is going to be anything other than something like "It sucks."

As the NFL approaches its free agency and draft period, the Oakland Raiders have the most questions to answer in the entire league. They have the most cap space available and arguably the most holes to fill. Since the unfortunate passing of owner Al Davis in 2011, every move the Raiders organization has made has been with this 2014 offseason in mind. Every cut made, every bad contract swallowed, was all apart of the game plan that was cleaning up the previous financial and draft pick mess, in order to have a fresh start in 2014.

Well, 2014 is here, so now what? With so many areas to improve and so many decisions to make, this is without a doubt the biggest and most story-filled Raider offseason in recent memory. You have a GM and head coach seemingly on the hot seat, a nation of fans who are tired of losing, a boat load of cap space, key members of the team up for free agency, a top-five draft slot, sign a veteran vs. draft a rookie quarterback decision, I mean, you name the question and I'm sure the Raider fans don't have a clear cut answer to it.

Given the fact that there are so many questions to be answered, in this hypothetical press conference with Raiders head coach Dennis Allen, I'm going to ask him the five biggest questions that I myself, and I'm sure many members of the Raider Nation, would love to know the answer to right about now.

You ready? Well, let's get to it.

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What Exactly Caused The Sudden Souring On QB Terrelle Pryor?

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After leading the Raiders to a record of 3-3 to begin the 2013 season, Terrelle Pryor had the hearts of the Raider Nation. Pryor kept the team in games and his running ability brought an excitement to the franchise that hadn't been seen in years. While not a strong point, his passing ability had visibly improved from 2012, improvements that were promising for his future.

Seemingly high on Pryor early on, the coaching staff would eventually sour on the young quarterback. Yes, there were struggles, but struggles tend to happen with most first year starting quarterbacks. I would love to know why Allen gave up on Pryor so fast.

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How Successful Do You Feel The Team Needs To Be In 2014 In Order To Save Your Job?

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After back-to-back 4-12 seasons, Dennis Allen's job was in question this offseason and in very un-Raider like fashion, Allen was retained. Given the fact he was close to losing his job this offseason, 2014 is obviously a make or break season for Allen. If we on the outside realize that, I am sure Allen does as well.

I would love to know just how well Allen feels the team needs to play in order to keep his job. With the huge cap space, the pressure to be better is on, but how much better in order to save his job?

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Given Your Offensive Line Woes, Would You Be In Favor Of The Team Signing Richie Incognito?

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The Raiders of old would have probably traded for Richie Incognito when he was voted as the league's second dirtiest player back in 2012, but I'm not sure how much of the old Raider way is welcomed with this new regime.

We all know the situation that Incognito currently finds himself in image wise, but at the same time we also know the situation the Raiders offensive line has found itself in talent wise. With that said, Incognito is a Pro Bowl caliber free agent who is in no position to demand Pro Bowl caliber free-agent money. Would Allen consider Incognito an option?

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Why Doesn't The Team Utilize FB Marcel Reece More?

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Raiders FB Marcel Reece might be the most underutilized weapon in the NFL. Basically a HB/FB/TE hybrid, Reece creates a mismatch wherever he lines up on the field. His size and speed combo coupled with excellent pass catching ability has proven to equal good things when he has been given the opportunity to touch the ball, the problem is he hasn't been given much opportunity.

Why a player with a knack for making big plays while playing on a team that lacks play-makers isn't more involved in the offense is beyond me. Allen has some explaining to do on this one.

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Would You Consider Maybe Trading Up To Get An Impact Player Like Jadeveon Clowney?

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Much has been made about the Raiders trading down if certain players aren't available to them with the fifth pick, but what are the odds that they actually trade up to get who they want?

A week ago it looked as if DE Jadeveon Clowney, a player the team sorely needs, had a chance of being available at No. 5 for the Raiders. Then, the Clowney 4.53 40 happened and now that looks highly unlikely. Given Allen's defensive background you would have to think Clowney would be high on his list of wants. Even if not Clowney, would the team consider trading up for any player?