New York Jets Rumors: Team Interested in Michael Vick?

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Michael Vick
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Following the 2013 season, quarterback Michael Vick’s days as a Philadelphia Eagle may be over. After losing his starting job to Nick Foles, and sustaining multiple injuries, the highlight reel quarterback may have had his best days behind him in the NFL. The Vick that would make defenders look stupid, race down the sideline, and made fans leave their seats may be gone.

However, there is still one team that may hope Vick still has some of this left in the tank: the New York Jets.

Vick could be wearing another green uniform next season. According to multiple sources, the Jets are extremely interested in the free-agent-to-be. Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is the former Eagles offensive coordinator, and has prior experience with him. Vick’s best season as an Eagle was with him as the coordinator, when he was a legitimate MVP candidate in 2010.

For the Jets, they can only hope that Vick has some of this magic left in him.

It was a tough year for New York at the quarterback position. Rookie Geno Smith struggled and showed signs of rookie growing pains last season. He started all 16 games, but was increasingly inconsistent. He threw 12 touchdowns and nearly doubled it with 21 interceptions. He also posted a quarterback rating of 66.5, one of the worst among starting quarterbacks in the NFL. To say that Smith needs some help and guidance from a veteran would be an understatement.

That is where Vick would come in. Not only does he have the experience to share with Smith, but having a veteran to help show another player the ropes would help him understand the game even more. There’s other theories that Vick might not even be brought in as a backup. He would bring some competition to the quarterback roster in New York, and maybe that will give Smith the kick he needs to start improving his game more. There are plenty of ways that signing Vick could benefit the Jets.

However, signing Vick might not be the number one priority for New York. One of the reasons they struggled last year, especially passing the ball, was a lack of playmakers. The Jets had one of the worst receiving corps in the league a season ago. Without any offensive weapons, it’s difficult to establish any type of consistency on offense. Smith can’t be expected to make any progress in the NFL with a lack of receiving targets. If the Jets bring in Vick to start, he might not even be able to win any games with some of these players. Of course, the Jets are going to address this issue through free agency and the draft. Until this problem is fixed, the Jets shouldn’t jump right after Vick right when free agency begins.

There is no doubt that Vick, with his leadership and playmaking ability, can help the Jets. However, it shouldn’t be the main priority for New York this offseason. He does have the potential to flourish in the system. The Jets need to solve their other problems on offense, and, then, Vick will be able to have a chance to be successful with them.

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