NFL Draft 'Shocker': Teams Interested in Blake Bortles' Hot Girlfriend

By Andrew Fisher
Blake Bortles
Getty Images

Blake Bortles is a top QB prospect in this year’s NFL Draft, and it’s really only a matter of how high he’ll go on draft day. Some have him as a top three pick, others have him somewhere in the top 10. Regardless of where exactly he gets drafted, Bortles is going to be rich and famous in no time. But it appears that his better half is already pretty famous.

Bortles of course dates internet sensation Lindsey Duke. There’s no doubt that she’s a looker – level 9000. But the QB prospect was thrown off a bit this past weekend when NFL teams asked him about his girlfriend.

Here’s a clip of Bortles explaining the situation on the Dan Patrick show:

Is it a little odd that teams would ask the QB if his girlfriend would be coming to town for dinner with him? Sure it is. But is it really that surprising? Not at all.

Hot girlfriends are a big part of the internet sports equation these days. A guy could be somewhat famous on the field, but if he has a hot girlfriend, he can suddenly become significantly more popular. Just look at what Ryan Tannehill‘s girlfriend did for him.

Now, I’m certainly not complaining that Lindsey Duke is smoking hot. Good for her and good for Bortles. But Bortles, or any athlete, having a hot GF is not a story. Athletes have been landing the best looking girls since, EVER. I’m tired of everyone drooling over girls like Duke, just because they happen to be in a relationship with someone who’s famous or about to be famous. Let me know when know when she does something relevant.



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