Random Photo of Robert Griffin III Indoor Rock Climbing With Girl Surfaces

By Andrew Fisher
Robert Griffin III
Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

Robert Griffin III is going through a much more normal offseason this year. Last year at this time, all the chatter was about whether or not he’d be ready for the start of the season following ACL surgery. Griffin ultimately made it back in time for the start of 2013, but he certainly wasn’t himself for several weeks. It was obvious from the beginning of the year that he had a long way to go to truly be back.

But after lots more time off, normal activities this offseason and a coaching change, fans are hoping that 2014 will be different.

So what else has RG3 been up to lately? It’s looks like he’s been doing a bit of indoor rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing?

Check out this photo posted on Twitter by Madison Powell:

This photo is definitely random, and people are definitely going to read into it. Why is RG3 indoor rock climbing with some random girl? Is he cheating on his wife?

From what I can gather, this is either just a random girl that took a picture with him, an old friend of his. Ms. Powell also mentioned on Twitter that: “he’s back in Waco so I got to see him!!”

I’m not going to draw any bad conclusions here. This just seems like two people enjoying some indoor rock climbing to me. Who wouldn’t want to brag that they climbed some fake rocks with one of the NFL’s best QBs?


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