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5 Biggest Takeaways From New York Giants OC Ben McAdoo’s Conference Call

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5 Biggest Takeaways From Ben McAdoo’s Conference Call

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In the 43 days since the New York Giants hired Ben McAdoo as offensive coordinator, the discussion has focused a lot more on speculation than fact when it comes to the future of the Giants’ offense. Using nothing more than context clues from a previous offense that he was never more than a quarterback coach for, many onlookers speculated that the Giants’ offense would simply resemble the traditional west coast offense that the Green Bay Packers have installed. Today, we got our first concrete look at what the Giants offense might look like in 2014 from a conference call that McAdoo participated in.

As he mentioned on the call, league rules and protocol prevent him from installing the offensive system until April 21, 2014. This small piece of league protocol acted as a convenient way for McAdoo to do his best impression of Bill Belicheck and reveal the minimum. Specifics were not necessarily required, however, McAdoo did reveal important information about general offensive concepts. He also answered specific questions about components of the Giants’ offense that failed in 2013.

There were several questions that I would love to know the answer to, but those who were on the call neglected to ask him these things. For example, why were there several occasions in 2013 where a pass was thrown in one direction and the receiver had run to a different spot—can McAdoo fix the communication issues? Hopefully, as the offseason progresses, the right people will ask the right questions of McAdoo and we can get a better grasp of how to fix last year’s flaws.

This slideshow features the five most important takeaways from McAdoo's conference call.

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5. The Offense Will Fit To Its Personnel and Not The Other Way Around

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McAdoo made it clear that the Giants offense will be based around the strengths of each player on the roster. His plan is not to create a rigid offense and require the players to fit into it. This is important to most Giants fans because a majority of the fans and media accused former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride of being guilty of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. According to reports, in his call, McAddo said, “At the end of the day, your system is built around your personnel, not the other way around.”

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4. The Running Backs Need To Pass Protect To Play

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Last preseason, the big topic was could David Wilson pick up the protection schemes in time for a full-time role in the offense. Injury cut his season short, and the Giants never really got an answer to that question. In 2014, pass protection will again be a major factor for each running back’s chances at playing time. When asked about how important it is to find a running back who can catch passes out of the backfield, McAdoo responded, “First and foremost, the runner needs to be able to protect the quarterback.”

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3. The Offense Will Focus on the Fundamentals First

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McAdoo mentioned fundamentals when he was first hired by the Giants, and he took Tuesday’s call to reiterate how important they are to him. He believes that focusing on the fundamentals is the most important factor to make his offense work and that correcting the fundamentals will correct the turnover issues for Eli Manning and the entire team.

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2. The Screen Pass Will Be A Real Factor In the Playbook

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Last season it seemed like the Giants tried one screen pass to Darrell Scott in the first game of the season, that failed miserably, and then decided to completely scrap it from the playbook. Thinking about it now, I am finding it hard to remember a single designed screen pass to any wide receiver or tight end. The screen pass has not been a factor in the Giants’ offense since the days of Sean Payton calling screens for Tiki Barber. McAdoo’s offense will bring it back. When asked about the screen game, McAdoo responded, “We’re definitely going to spend time in the screen game. It’s something that will be a focal point and needs to be installed. We’ll have different types of screens, whether they’re sidewalk screens or half screens.”

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1. The Offense Is Still A Work In Progress

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The most important takeaway from today’s conference call is the simple fact that the Giants’ 2014 offense hasn’t been finalized yet. McAdoo mentioned how he is working with the other coaches and Tom Coughlin every day to craft an offense that they are ready to install starting on April 21. From his words, we can infer that it will be some kind of mix between a west coast offense and the offense that was already in place. He explained, “The offensive system here with the Giants has been in place for a long time. The offensive system that I’m coming from I’ve been in for 10 years. With those two systems being in place as we merge them together and build towards the future, we’ll be multiple enough to use any type of personnel.”