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5 Questions for Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid

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Kansas City Chiefs: 5 Questions for Andy Reid

Andy Reid
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Last year was tumultuous but ultimately inspiring for the Kansas City Chiefs. A new regime brought the talented roster to new heights and a playoff berth that culminated in one of the most shocking defeats in NFL history. After all the work and all the drama, head coach Andy Reid is now left to marinate in the assessment of the finished season. I assume he slowly strokes his mustache as he thinks it all through.

The now-55-year-old coach has plenty to ponder -- from a thrilling 9-0 start that made national headlines to the following series of frustrating and humbling losses to higher-caliber opponents and the riveting but eventually disastrous defeat that abruptly ended the Chiefs' season. Andy has many questions to ask himself, but to make matters more stressful, local media is also working to cook up their own batch of tough inquiries. What would you ask KC's coach if given the opportunity?

I've been tasked with answering that question from my point of view, that being of both a journalist and a diehard fan. I'll work under the presumption that the questions I ask would be returned with an honest answer. That just means no canned vague responses or political dancing around what I'm asking.

Limiting my hypothetical inquisition to just five questions wasn't easy. Several 'stache-related questions were omitted for the sake of good journalism. Good sports journalism, I should say, since I'm sure my inquiries regarding combing practices would've been greatly appreciated by the folks over at Mustache Magazine.

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5. What is KC's Biggest Roster Goal in the Offseason?

Andy Reid
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Remember my caveat about getting an honest answer? That's the only way asking this question even makes sense. If it's assumed that I'd get a legit answer, I would need to ask this for the sake of getting the current scoop and staying forward-thinking.

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4. If You Had to Guess Now, Will Jamaal Charles Make It to the Hall of Fame?

Andy Reid
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Many have pointed out that Andy will be the reason Jamaal Charles gains entry to the illustrious Hall of Fame in Canton, if ever he does so. I couldn't miss this theoretical opportunity to ask Andy if he thinks he can get Jamaal there with the way No. 25 is used in Reid's style of offense.

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3. What was the Locker Room Like After that Loss in Indy?

Andy Reid
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Here's another one that only works with that honesty rule. As much as it may crush me, it would have been incredible to be a fly on the wall after KC's heartbreaking playoff defeat at the hands of Andrew Luck and his strong>Indianapolis Colts.

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2. How Will You Help the Team Bounce Back Next Season?

Andy Reid
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Andy Reid is a remarkable professional, and his ability to keep the team's collective head on straight could be the deciding factor in whether or not they can reach the playoffs next year for a chance at redemption. To hear Andy explain his strategy for using that historically disappointing loss as a springboard for future success would be much-appreciated.

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1. How did Garrett's Tragic Passing Inspire You to be a Better Man?

Andy Reid
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Listen folks, even for a professional head coach, life's not all about sports. After his first son Garrett was found dead at training camp in 2012 from an accidental overdose on heroin, Andy continued to be a pillar of genuine good nature and moral character. How does a man accomplish so much and continue to succeed as one of the planet's 32 best coaches? More importantly, how does one move forward from such tragedy with dignity, grace and an optimistic attitude? It may not have a thing to do with the Chiefs, but that's my honest No. 1 question.