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5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Philadelphia Eagles HC Chip Kelly

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5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask Philadelphia Eagles HC Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly
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It only took one season. Chip Kelly took the NFL by storm, changing how defenses are able to approach the Philadelphia Eagles and revolutionizing just how potent an offense can be. His adaptations to the option-based spread offense have made it near impossible for opposing defenses to predict and prepare for Philadelphia.

He was able to take a 4-12 team and in one season turn them around, winning the NFC East and returning a franchise to the playoffs for the first time in years. It was his refreshing take on football, his rejuvenating commitment and his non-stop desire to win that ignited one of the Eagles’ most historic seasons, winning over a tough-nosed fanbase in just months.

Now, as he prepares for the future, many questions loom about just how quickly the Eagles can continue to rise to the top with their current core. Many critics thought it would take years for Philadelphia to become relevant again, but Kelly made it happen in just a year with many underperforming personnel. So with such extreme success in such a short time, should the expectations continue to grow as quickly as the success did? Can Kelly really repeat his performance and shock again, taking the Eagles to the next level in just two seasons?

Knowing what he’s accomplished in each of his stops along the way, it wouldn’t be surprising. That said, the next few weeks and months will have a large effect on just how the Eagles may be able to get there, based on free agency and the draft. Kelly and the Eagles are one of the most intriguing stories in the NFL, and being able to learn the intricacies of his innovative football mind, as well as his plans for the future, would be quite a lesson.

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5. What is one regret you have from your first season as an NFL head coach?

Chip Kelly
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The Philadelphia Eagles had a historic season with Chip Kelly at the helm, but there are things they could have done differently that may have helped them to achieve even more in the end. Learning what those things are will matter moving forward, but being able to identify them is an obvious starting point.

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4. Can Nick Foles lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl?

Chip Kelly
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In a championship-starved football town, everyone wants to see the Lombardi Trophy come to the City of Brotherly Love. But are the right pieces in place? Although Nick Foles doesn’t fit the look of prototypical Kelly quarterback, knowing whether Kelly sees him as the possible link between Philadelphia and the Super Bowl is a huge deal.

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3. What is your top priority heading into the 2014 NFL Draft?

Chip Kelly
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After a turnaround season in 2013, the Eagles have a huge opportunity in-front of them to really make strides in 2014. Much of their success will be dependent upon how they replace players and upgrade positions in the draft. Defense should be their top priority, but the Eagles have often been more prone to taking the best player available regardless of position.

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2. Who is one player that, if added, could change the makeup of the Philadelphia Eagles?

Chip Kelly
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Being aware that they have plenty of room to make a blockbuster move in free agency, the Eagles have the ability to go out and get a player who can make an immediate impact. Improving either side of the ball could help them to build on their success, but getting that one player could make the difference.

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1. What is a realistic time frame for the Philadelphia Eagles to be a Super Bowl contender?

Chip Kelly
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Just how long will it take Chip Kelly to guide the Philadelphia Eagles to the promised land? He made some excellent headway in just one season, but continuing to make progress year in and year out will be important. Philadelphia fans are known to become restless quite quickly, so any extended wait may not go over well for Kelly, despite his immediate success.