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5 Questions You Wish You Could Ask San Diego Chargers HC Mike McCoy

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San Diego Chargers: 5 Questions I Wish I Could Ask HC Mike McCoy

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The San Diego Chargers had a promising season once they finished the regular season and entered postseason play. Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen came alive, and the Chargers’ defense were keeping them within striking distance. Their luck peaked when they were scoreboard watching, and spiked even further once a missed field goal carried the Chargers into Mike McCoy’s first playoffs as Chargers head coach.

Their 9-7 record sounds mediocre, and McCoy essentially only won two more games than Norv Turner did in 2012. McCoy’s energy and Tom Telesco’s smarts have tuned the Chargers’ culture around, creating an atmosphere of responsibility and accountability for their play. McCoy was a great hire for the Chargers organization.

One question has to be asked before I shoot off five more after this: was there enough talent on this roster as is? Turner had predicted the Chargers wouldn’t be ready for a playoff run for another two years. If that isn’t the case, was it pure coaching that got the Chargers into the playoffs? Some veterans were allowed to walk and that has a part to play in it.

It’s a great first year, but the Chargers have a long way to go to get to the Super Bowl. Telesco has to do some juggling and pull off some magic tricks to find the right players to fit into what the Chargers are currently trying to build.

With so much change on the horizon, especially with the new $130 million salary cap, McCoy and the Chargers have to be prepared for the next step in the Chargers' future. They established themselves, but they must keep building upon that foundation to find themselves hoisting a Lombardi trophy. Here are five questions I would propose to coach McCoy.

Erwin Mendoza is a San Diego Chargers writer for RantSports.com. Follow him on Twitter @erwinsports, or add him to your network on Google.

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5. How many years do you think Ryan Mathews has left?

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Mathews is injury-prone and though he got through 16 games this season, he found himself hurt towards the end of the regular season. The Chargers are trying to lengthen his career, especially with trying to find a change-of-pace back, but I give Mathews three more years max.

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4. Is Brad Sorensen your guy if Philip Rivers goes down?

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Though nothing has been said about Charlie Whitehurst's future in San Diego, one can assume that Telesco wants to Sorensen assume Whitehurst's duties. Can we expect a D-II QB to step up if the time calls for it?

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3. Would you ever hire Dennis Allen as defensive coordinator?

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The two were coordinators under John Fox and left to play for AFC West rivals. The Oakland Raiders are a mess of an organization, so if Dennis Allen is out of a job in Oakland, does McCoy have a position lined up for him in San Diego? John Pagano wasn't McCoy's guy to begin with ...

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2. Do you think you can repeat last year’s success?

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There was so much luck involved in their entrance into the postseason. Could they repeat it this year? They have one of the toughest schedules in the NFL.

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1. Are the 2014 San Diego Chargers Super Bowl-ready?

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Right now, the roster is in flux. There needs a lot of tweaking and additions to the 53-man, but when that is settled, can we expect the Chargers to be Super Bowl-ready?