Creating Pittsburgh Steelers’ Mount Rushmore

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The Pittsburgh Steelers' Mount Rushmore

Pittsburgh Steelers
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When it comes to a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers, you are talking about one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. The team that holds the most Lombardi trophies and has been a playoff contender for decades has its share of great players and coaches that have graced the city of Pittsburgh. In fact, the Steelers have 22 members in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH.

To try and select four people, coaches or players to represent the Steelers' Mount Rushmore was no easy task. After all, most middle-aged Steelers fans immediately turn to those legendary teams of the 1970s for their selections. However, that isn't fair to some of the great teams that have worn the black and gold in the past decade.

So you have to represent both old and new but also offense and defense. It would be extremely easy to select four players from the famed "Steel Curtain" defense or four offensive players from the 70s who are in the Hall of Fame to make up the representatives. Nonetheless, that wasn't the task at hand.

So, you have all those legendary players and coaches. Names like Bill Cowher, Jack Lambert, Lynn Swann, Jerome Bettis, Joey Porter. The list could go on and on. At some point you have to draw the line, so here is my Pittsburgh Steelers Mount Rushmore.

Go ahead and let the debate begin about who got snubbed and why I know nothing.

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Chuck Noll

Pittsburgh Steelers
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There is no way a Mount Rushmore that includes coaches could not include Chuck Noll. The only coach to ever win four Super Bowls holds the most wins in Steelers history (193) and single-handedly turned the Steelers from a dud to a stud. Not to mention he turned the 1970s Steelers into a dynasty that has been unparalleled in NFL history. Plain and simple, he better be the first mugshot on that mountain. Noll drafted the likes of Lynn Swann, Terry Bradshaw, "Mean" Joe Greene, Franco Harris and the list could go on and on. Noll is the first face on the Steelers' Mount Rushmore.

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"Mean" Joe Greene

Pittsburgh Steelers
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When "Mean" Joe Greene was drafted by Chuck Noll 1969, the Pittsburgh Steelers finished a whopping 1-13. From there it was Greene who anchored a defense that eventually delivered four Lombardi Trophies to the Steel City. Greene actually has six Super Bowl rings to his credit as he was still a part of the Steelers' organization for Super Bowls 40 and 43. Greene was the face of the organization when he played and still remains the face of the Steelers whenever he is seen in public. "Mean" Joe Greene would be the second face on the Steelers' Mount Rushmore.

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Ben Roethlisberger

Pittsburgh Steelers
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This will be considered a controversial decision, but Ben Roethlisberger is a clear selection for the Steelers' Mount Rushmore. Not only is he the better statistical quarterback in comparison to Terry Bradshaw, but he has the accolades to back it up. Although Bradshaw has four Super Bowl rings to his credit, Roethlisberger has two and has proven to be the more prolific passer between the two. Roethlisberger holds almost every passing record for the Steelers now, and he would be the first to represent the post 1970s era on the Steelers' Mount Rushmore.

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Hines Ward

Pittsburgh Steelers
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To put Hines Ward on the Steelers' Mount Rushmore over receivers like Lynn Swann and John Stallworth might seem to be blasphemous, but Ward embodied everything that was, and is, Steelers football. His hard-nosed, no nonsense attitude echoed throughout the locker room, but don't think Ward was just a "mudder" who went head hunting. People often forget that Ward, like Roethlisberger, holds almost every Steelers receiving record. Ward holds the Steelers' records for receiving touchdowns, yards and receptions. Those are numbers worthy of having your face on the Steelers' Mount Rushmore.

So, who would you have in the Steelers' "Mount Rushmore"? Coaches and players are all eligible. You can find me on Twitter @BnGBlitz or on Google+.

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  • Larry Rhodes

    I don’t have a single argument for your selections!!! I just wish there were 5 slots because I really believe Jack Lambert belongs on this list!!!!

  • Sleestak

    I would go Mean Joe Greene, Lambert, Bettis and Rod Woodson. 4 guys that represent both the toughness and humbleness of the city of Pittsburgh. All 4 were the best at their position to ever put on a Steeler uniform and dominated the league the majority of their careers. I didn’t have a hard time selecting Mean Joe or Lambert, but it was a toss up between 6 players for the last two spots. While giving strong consideration to Mel Blount, Troy Polamalu, Franco Harris and Hines Ward, I basically eliminated Troy because he is still playing, Hines because he played with Bettis much of his career and Jerome was the unequaled leader and star of those teams, Franco because you can’t have 2 RB’s on the list and the toughest of all to eliminate was Blount because he changed the game and actually changed the rules of the league at the time, but I didn’t think 3 players from the same era and side of the ball should be selected.

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