Eric Decker & Indianapolis Colts Have Mutual Interest; Deal Needs to Happen

By Andrew Fisher
Eric Decker
Chris Humphries – USA TODAY Sports

To many, Eric Decker leaving the Denver Broncos is a no-brainer. Decker is set to become a free agent on March 11th and the Broncos aren’t expected to knock his socks off with an offer to stay in Denver. Most expect the Broncos to make Decker a fair offer, but that the offer will be less than he’ll receive on the open market.

You can’t really blame the Broncos if they don’t view Decker as a priority. There are plenty of talented pass-catchers already under contract in Denver and you can argue that the money they’d give to Decker, would be better spent in other areas. Scoring points is clearly not the problem in Denver.

So if not the Broncos for Decker, then who?

Reports are now coming out that state the Indianapolis Colts are very interested in the WR. The kicker, is that the interest is allegedly mutual.

Decker makes a lot of sense for Indianapolis. They’ve already got some very good pieces in place on offense, but they’re clearly a player or two away having an elite offense. Decker is not a No. 1 guy by any means, but he’s a solid second or third option. If the Colts add him to the mix with Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton, the three WRs would certainly form an impressive trio of pass-catchers for Andrew Luck.

The fifth-year wide out would not only put the Colts in better position right away next season, he’d likely do it for the length of his contract in Indy (presumably 3-4 years). He’s just now getting set to turn 27, which means that he’ll be entering the prime of his career very soon. The time is now for the Colts to lure him away from the Broncos.

On top of everything else, there’s no doubt in my mind that Decker would be valued much more in Indianapolis. Whether that means anything to him, I have no idea. But it usually means something to most athletes. Having Luck on the roster won’t hurt the Colts’ chances of landing him either.


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