GM Dave Gettleman Restructures Contracts, Shows He's the Best Hope for Carolina Panthers

By josephscalise
Dave Gettleman
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If your ship is sinking, it’s best to have a good captain. For the Carolina Panthers, a team that no doubt has a ship sinking under the weight of free agency and new contracts, that captain is GM Dave Gettleman. Following the 2013 season, Gettleman has been charged with the task of trying to restructure the Panthers’ contracts while also balancing free agency and finding cap room to re-sign the big names. While this is a task that will not simply happen overnight, Gettleman is giving the Panthers as much help as he can. In a recent move to free up cap room, Gettleman recently restructured the contracts of veteran players Ryan Kalil, Jonathan Stewart and Thomas Davis to give the Panthers an extra $7.25 million in cap room. This is a great move for Carolina as it allows them more space to try and funnel money into signing free agents. Not only that, but it also shows the importance of Gettleman and reflects the importance of good management to a franchise.

Salary cap in the NFL, just like any other facet of a well run organization, needs to be properly managed. Gettleman is steering the Panthers’ management in the right direction and is one of the most important cogs in the Panthers’ machine. Many teams, such as the Oakland Raiders, have been in a slump for years because they are bogged down with limited cap space. The Panthers are similarly locked down at the moment, but Gettleman is making the best of a bad situation. The restructuring of three contracts is a step in the right direction and shows Gettleman’s potential to steer the Panthers back to another winning season. Restructuring these three contracts is more than just freeing up cap space; it is a symbol that Gettleman knows what he’s doing. Despite their current monetary problems, the Panthers have a solid chance at succeeding in the coming days with Gettleman in charge.

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