Richie Incognito Hits His Way Out of NFL With Damage to Ferrari

By Tyler
Richie Incognito injures car
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Over the last few months the world has experienced a full show of the erratic behavior that former Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito displays on a daily basis. He was suspended for persistently bullying teammate Jonathan Martin, and he has truly showed no remorse since. And while many people in the football world seemed to have a bit of sympathy for Incognito in his bullying scandal, it is clear that he has cemented a one-way ticket out of the NFL with his most recent escapades.

Earlier today, police reported to a scene where Incognito had taken a bat to a Ferrari which resulted in damage to the car’s hood, and the bat was stuck in the car’s grille when cops arrived.  When they got there a somewhat peculiar scene followed as Incognito took responsibility for the incident and said that the luxurious sports car was actually his.

While in recent years sports fans have been given a spotlight to a golf club to Tiger Woods‘ car courtesy of his ex-wife, there has really never been a scene quite like this and certainly not from a figure as divisive as Incognito. The 30-year-old has been on somewhat of a probationary period in recent weeks as teams look to justify a reason to sign the ultra talented player, but recent derogatory tweets toward Martin and now this anger filled action shows that truly no anger management could help.

There is no doubting that Incognito has great talent on the football field after he made the Pro Bowl in 2012, but this incident should prove to be a step too far for NFL teams. After all, Incognito has previously been dismissed from both the Nebraska and Oregon football teams, been voted the NFL’s dirtiest player back in 2009, been spotted for persistent bullying of Martin and still can’t seem to get his anger under control. Teams want to look for reasons to bring on the most talented players in the world, but Incognito has seemed to show equal interest in getting them to look away in recent weeks. Now it can be assured he will never get another job in the NFL after this.

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