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San Francisco 49ers 7-Round Mock Draft: Post-Combine Edition

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San Francisco 49ers 7 Round Post-Combine Mock Draft

San Francisco 49ers Mock Draft
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The San Francisco 49ers are going to dominate the NFL draft this year. Not just because they typically draft well and should end up with a new starter or two, but because they have a whopping 12 picks at their disposal, so it’s almost mathematically impossible that they won’t wind up with a few good players.

The 49ers don’t have many glaring needs this year. They could use a playmaker or two on offense and to round out the front seven on defense. That’s not bad, most teams need more, but this draft is important to them for another reason.

The cloud hanging over the 49ers right now is the future contract situation for franchise quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Quickly becoming one of the better signal callers in the league, Kaepernick will be due a major payday in the near future. That means that the rest of the roster is going to inevitably suffer when he starts taking up a big chunk of the salary cap.

The only real way to beat that system and still put a quality team around a highly paid quarterback is to draft well. With the new collective bargaining agreement, rookies come in cheaper than ever before, especially late-round picks. If you can get contributions from those spots, then that is how you get ahead of the competition. Just ask the San Francisco rivals up north how well that has worked out for them.

The 49ers are looking to make this a draft to remember with so many picks, and this is how is could shape up.

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First Round (30) - Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

Jason Verrett San Francisco 49ers
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Late in the first round the 49ers will either take a wide receiver or a defensive back in this draft. With wideout being so deep this year, I think they can wait until later rounds. Jason Verrett is a pro-ready corner who runs fast (4.38 40) and has a good vertical (39 inches). He can step in right away and contribute.

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Second Round (24, 56 Overall) - Davante Adams, WR, Fresno State

Davante Adams San Francisco 49ers
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This is where San Francisco can start looking at receivers. Davante Adams is 6'2" and 212 lbs with long arms and good hands. He was extremely productive at Fresno State, but doubts about his speed and strength will let him fall to the 49ers late in the second round.

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Second Round (29, 61 Overall) - Ed Stinson, DE, Alabama

Ed Stinson San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers need depth on the defensive front seven, and Ed Stinson is a perfect fit for their 3-4 defense. A solid player who knows how to play in the complicated defense, Stinson can step right in and be a good backup/rotational guy.

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Third Round (13, 77 Overall) - Keith McGill, CB, Utah

Keith McGill San Francisco 49ers
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Keith McGill, a 6'3" corner with long arms and huge hands, is one of my favorite mid-round sleepers on defense this year. He needs some work on his technique and transitions, but that can be coached up. Size and speed can't.

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Third Round (30, 94 Overall) - Jared Abbrederis, WR, Wisconsin

Jared Abbrederis San Francisco 49ers
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Everything is average about Jared Abbrederis except for his production. He doesn't look or measure the part of a starting NFL wideout, but the former walk on at Wisconsin has been proving people wrong for a long time. Grab him here and give him a chance to work his way up the depth chart, he's proven he can do it.

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Fourth Round (29, 125 Overall) - Christian Jones, ILB, Florida State

Christian Jones San Francisco 49ers
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A versatile linebacker with good upside, I think Christian Jones will drop to the fourth round because teams have questions about his scheme fit and his poor ability to read and react quickly. The 49ers can take him here and hope they can coach him up. The good news is that he has all the skills to play both inside and outside linebacker in the 3-4 and is good in pass coverage.

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Fifth Round (30, 158 Overall) - Tevin Reese, WR, Baylor

Tevin Reese San Francisco 49ers
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Now that we're in the fifth round, we start to look for players that either have elite skills, but major weaknesses, and can be coached up and developed or guys who are solid and can contribute as backups/special teamers. Tevin Reese is a little bit of both. He's a small, quick inside receiver who needs a lot of work on his route running and can struggled when jammed at the line of scrimmage. But, he has speed and quickness and could return kicks.

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Sixth Round (29, 189 Overall) - Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College

Kevin Pierre-Louis San Francisco 49ers
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Speaking of speed, Kevin Pierre-Louis is an outside linebacker who suddenly finds himself on team's draft boards after posting a blistering 4.51 second 40 at the combine. Undersized for a traditional linebacker, most teams want to move him to safety. He fits the new mold of a defender who can make plays in space and stay with receivers in the passing game, no matter where you line him up.

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Seventh Round (26, 218 Overall) - Kevin Graf, OT, USC

Kevin Graf San Francisco 49ers
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In the first of their four seventh-round picks, all which come within five slots of each other, I'm going to give the 49ers Kevin Graf, a solid but not great offensive tackle from USC. He'll struggle against elite outside pass rushers, but he can compete for a roster spot as a backup.

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Seventh Round (27, 219 Overall) - Xavius Boyd, OLB, Western Kentucky

Xavius Boyd San Francisco 49ers
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An upside pick here, Xavius Boyd was extremely productive in college, but against bad competition. That doesn't hurt you like it used to, but maybe the 49ers can get a steal here because scouts are afraid he can't compete against elite players.

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Seventh Round (28, 220 Overall) - Glenn Carson, ILB, Penn State

Glenn Carson San Francisco 49ers
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Sometimes in the later rounds you look for upside, sometimes you just look for someone dependable who you think can contribute. Glenn Carson is an underwhelming inside linebacker who always seems to make tackles when you need him to. He'll play hard and might make the squad as a special team guy.

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Seventh Round (30, 222 Overall) - DeMonte McAllister, DL, Florida State

DeMonte McAllister San Francisco 49ers
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A good scheme fit for the 49ers, DeMonte McAllister was buried on a super-deep Florida State defensive line depth chart. He never broke out in college, but with good coaching and the right defense he could be a solid contributor.