Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones is Blinded by His Love for Jason Garrett

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys
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There is an old saying that claims “love is blind.” I believe that saying rings true when it comes to the relationship of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his coach Jason Garrett. Jerry’s love for Garrett renders him incapable of fairly evaluating Garrett’s job as head coach. I do not believe every problem with Dallas should lie at the feet of Garrett, but he deserves his share of blame.

Jerry has had seven head coaches in his 25 years as owner of the Cowboys. The longest tenured coach was Jimmy Johnson, who lasted five seasons. Tied for second on the list are Barry Switzer and Bill Parcells who both made it through four seasons. Next on the list and moving up fast is current coach Garrett, despite the fact that he has not come close to the success of the other three.

Garrett has been the head coach for 56 games and his record is a pedestrian 29-27. By comparison, Wade Phillips had a record of 34-22 in his 56 games as head coach. In fact, Garrett’s career winning percentage of .518 ranks him behind every coach in Cowboys’ history except one, Dave Campo.

Why is it that Jerry, who is known for having little patience for coaches who do not meet his expectations, continues to stand by Garrett? It is because Jerry loves Garrett? He did play for the Cowboys in the 1990s, and we all know how loyal Jerry is to his former players — especially those who played on the Super Bowl teams. Jerry loves Garrett so much that he hired him before he hired Phillips. Garrett was the coach in waiting from the minute that Wade got the job.

Jerry has mentioned on several occasions that he wants Garrett to be his Tom Landry. He wants Garrett to be the coach for many years to come. The problem is, so far, the results have not been there for Garrett. It appears that Jerry will continue to change everything around Garrett in hopes that success will be found. If the success does not come soon, Jerry will have to make a move that he really does not want to make. Until that time comes, he will continue to show his love for Garrett by standing by his man.

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