Greg Hardy Gets Tagged, Will Have To Wait on 'Crapload' of Money

By Andrew Fisher
greg hardy
USA Today Sports

We don’t always get what we want in life. Greg Hardy wanted a ‘crapload’ of money from the Carolina Panthers this offseason, but it appears he’ll have to wait, kind of. According to reports, Hardy has been slapped with a franchise tag. This move isn’t really all that surprising, even though there were recent reports of the two sides working on a long-term deal.

The franchise tag is expected to land the defensive end about $13 million in 2014. So while he has to be somewhat disappointed with the lack of a long-term deal, he’s still going to have plenty of money to put in the bank. To most of us common folks, $13 million is certainly a crapload of currency.

You have to wonder if this move will have a mental effect on Hardy. Will this tagging anger him and possibly lean him towards leaving Carolina next year? It’s possible, but I think a lot more would have to go wrong before he reaches that point.

Panthers fans should take comfort in knowing that the team definitely wants to keep Hardy around over the long haul. But due to cap issues this season, the front office made the only realistic move it could.

The franchise tag isn’t the greatest concept in the world, but overall it’s a good thing for the game. It does just what the name indicates — it keeps franchise players on their current teams for longer periods of time. To me, that’s a good thing for the game.

If Hardy is patient and has another great season in 2014, it will then just be a matter of time before he gets his crapload of money. If Carolina doesn’t give it to him, some other team surely will.


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