Philadelphia Eagles Put Bandage On Jeremy Maclin Situation With One-Year Deal

By Andrew Fisher
Jeremy Maclin
Eric Hartline-USA Today Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles had a couple of big questions to address in regards to their receiving corps this offseason. One of those questions was whether they should re-sign Jeremy Maclin. Most found the answer to that question to be an obvious one. Yes, of course the Eagles should re-sign the WR. But then it became a matter of how long he should be re-upped for.

Over the last few days, rumors have swirled about Maclin being offered a one-year deal. Those rumors turned out to be true, as a new one-year contract was announced for the WR on Friday. However, this case is a bit different, because Maclin was allegedly behind the one-year contract idea. He reportedly wanted the short contract so he could prove himself worthy of a much larger, long-term deal for 2015 and beyond.

It’s usually the other way around, where players want the long-term deal right away. But in Maclin’s case, he probably felt that the Eagles were going to short change him because of the fact he’s coming off of ACL surgery.

So what Philly has done here, is essentially put a bandage on this situation. The questions of Maclin’s future with the team will now be put off for another year. This gamble by the WR could pay off big time, or it could come back to bit him in the rear. If he gets hurt again or has a bad season, he’ll likely cost himself lots of money on the long-term deal he ends up signing.

For now, I suppose the Eagles are happy with the bandage. They get Maclin for at least another year and that’s certainly better than not having him at all.


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