Shoeless Man Declines Sandals Offer Because of San Diego Chargers Logo

By Andrew Fisher
San Diego Chargers
Getty Images

If you weren’t wearing any shoes and someone offered you a pair — you’d take them, right? Well, a California man recently decided that he’d continue on his journey without shoes, rather than wear sport footwear with a San Diego Chargers logo.

Yes, this story sounds like something out of a movie, but it’s true. A man (likely homeless) in Santa Rosa was outside a pizza place recently, when the store owner decided to invite him in for some free food. Stephen Felando offered the man sandwiches and salads, much to his liking. But then he noticed what the guy was wearing (or wasn’t wearing) on his feet.

The man that was brought in the restaurant for free food, was wearing nothing on his feet but a thin pair of socks. The man reportedly told the store owner: “I’m headed to Mars and today I’ve got to get over Calistoga Mountain.” That’s right, he was headed to Mars.

So with Felando being the nice guy that he is, he offered the wandering man the shoes off his own feet, literally. Felando didn’t exactly have hiking boots on, but he did have a nice pair of flip-flops. The man agreed to take them, until he noticed that the flip-flops were Chargers-themed.

chargers sandals

The man then simply replied, “I’m good,” and walked away. He was over the flip-flops from the moment he noticed the Chargers logo.

Felano was left with nothing else to think other than he had just hit a ‘new low’ as a Chargers fan.


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