Could Jim Harbaugh Really Be On His Way Out Of San Francisco?

By Greg Douglas
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

When you first heard that Jim Harbaugh may be on his way out of San Francisco, you probably thought it was just a bunch of hot air, but it turns out the old adage where there’s smoke there’s fire rings too true in this case.

This is definitely not the first time there has been a rift between a head coach and the front office, but the tension must be pretty high if the San Francisco 49ers are willing to let one of the best coaches in the game walk away in the midst of a possible dynastic run.

The first indication of the separation occurred when rumors surfaced that the 49ers had been in talks to send the fiery head coach to the Cleveland Browns for multiple draft picks. Though the front office brass vehemently denied there was a trade in the works, the 49ers have faced a media firestorm since trying to uncover the details of what is really happening within the organization. In the time since the failed trade was reported, many reports have surfaced illustrating the growing rift between Harbaugh and the front office including general manager Trent Baalke.

This animosity between Harabugh and Baalke is not just going to go away over night, and the longer the sitaution stews without resolution, the worse off the 49ers will be. The two sides are barely speaking to one another and it is apparent the strained relationship is irreparably making a move imminent for the team’s future success.

Now, the question becomes, who does the team keep rather than can they make this work?

In scenarios such as these, many teams opt to get rid of the head coach, but the 49ers know as well as anybody coaches are not a dime a dozen. Before Harbaugh came onto the scene in San Fran, the last winning season the 49ers had was in 2002. Since Harbaugh’s arrival, the team has a record of 41-14-1 and has made it to at least the conference championship game in each of the the three seasons. Harbaugh has also transformed multiple quarterbacks in Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick while leading the team to its first Super Bowl appearance since 1994.

Harbaugh is a once in a generation coach that could go do as an all-time great, so the 49ers should not be so keen on moving one of the team’s greatest assets. If the 49ers decide to part ways with Harbaugh, San Francisco will fall into disrepair and fail to live up to the potential the team has shown it is capable of. Saying goodbye to Harbaugh is as good as kissing championships goodbye in an age where winning is all that matters.

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