Philadelphia Eagles Finally Building The Right Way

By Ryan Wenzell
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles took care of quite a few of their own players this week by re-signing offensive linemen Jason Kelce and Jason Peters to long-term contracts that will see them retire in Eagles green. They also re-upped wide receiver Riley Cooper to a five-year deal and have Jeremy Maclin in the fold for another season after he signed a one-year “prove it” deal. This keeps all of the core offensive players for the Eagles intact.

They are young too. While being perfect fits in Chip Kelly‘s offense as dynamic athletes at their positions that show versatility. Eagles GM Howie Roseman is finally building this team up the right way.

Instead of focusing on the splash signings from other organizations in free agency, he is taking care of his own core guys. This is the way championship teams are built. They are homegrown through the draft. I can’t recall the last time a team was built or vaulted into Super Bowl contention through the free agent route.

It’s because it simply doesn’t work. Free agency should be a resource used to add a missing piece or two to strengthen an already potent team, but the grunt work is done in the draft.

It feels like the Eagles have finally figured that out even if they had to do it the hard way, learning from some big mistakes in the past. Don’t look for the Eagles to sign the huge name in free agency. They may need to sign a safety simply based on the fact that the roster is barren at the position. I wouldn’t expect a big name though. Instead, they will look for an under-the-radar guy who fits into the team’s culture.

The real work will come in May when they add more young talent to a team that’s on the rise.

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