Philadelphia Eagles Should Not Trade for Dion Jordan

By justinbeaucage
Dion Jordan
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After what has already been a busy offseason for the Philadelphia Eagles, there is plenty of speculation on what the Eagles are going to do with the No. 22 pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Many believe the Eagles are going to focus on pieces on defense, as it was difficult for some of the players to transition to a 3-4 scheme. Philadelphia will focus on finding the right pieces for their defense this offseason.

One of the guys on the market is defensive end Dion Jordan. However, the Eagles should resist pulling the trigger on a deal to bring him in to Philadelphia.

Jordan is one of the most appreciated players by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. He coached Jordan for three seasons at Oregon, where Jordan was one of the most dominant defensive ends in all of college football. Many believed that last year, with the fourth pick, the Eagles would certainly nab Jordan as Kelly’s first pick in the draft. However, the Miami Dolphins had other ideas, as they traded to the No. 3 pick and selected Jordan before Philadelphia could. He was projected to be one of the best defensive rookies in the draft.

Despite the projected success, Jordan’s first season in Miami was anything but. In limited playing time, he only totaled 26 tackles and two sacks in his rookie campaign. This offseason, Miami has cleared the front office, and will begin to rebuild under an entire new leadership. One player who might not be a part of this rebuilding process is Jordan. The team has already said Jordan is being shopped, and the right team can have the struggling defensive end.

One of the first suitors expected to call the Dolphins are the Eagles.

Even with the history of Jordan and Kelly, the Eagles should not try to salvage his career and trade for him. It is nothing against Jordan as a player. He does have the potential to be one of the better 3-4 defensive ends, which is what the Eagles need. Despite how much of a fit this might be, what if Jordan is a bust? The asking price is way too high for an unproven sophomore. The Dolphins are looking for a first-round pick for Jordan’s services. In this draft, which is one of the most talented in years, the No 22 pick is a lot more valuable than Jordan. Philadelphia can fill this void with a safety, wide receiver or even a 3-4 end who could be better than Jordan. If the Eagles gave up this pick for an unproven defender and pass up the chance to draft an impact player who doesn’t need as much coaching as Jordan, it would be a questionable move to say the least.

This doesn’t mean Jordan isn’t a good player. He is still has upside if he is in the right system. The asking price for Philadelphia is just simply too high. There is a better chance for the Eagles to properly scout and draft the right player for their team than to take a chance on Jordan and have it work. If the price was lower, the Eagles should not even hesitate to make this move. However, for now, the Eagles should not pursuit Jordan.

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