2014 NFL Draft: Guard Chris Watt a Potential Fit with New York Giants

By Christopher Gamble


Isaiah Downing-USA TODAY Sports

With the futures of Chris Snee and David Baas up in the air, the New York Giants would be wise to add depth on the offensive line in the 2014 NFL Draft. They can’t settle for the project players like James Brewer, they need quality depth, players who can step in and start if needed. One player who fits that bill is Notre Dame guard Chris Watt.

Watt reminds me a lot of Snee, a player with a mean streak who likes the fight inside. Watt, however, doesn’t have the natural ability that Snee had coming out of college. That doesn’t mean Watt can’t hold his own at the NFL level.

Watt has the ability to be a starting NFL guard. He gets set quickly and keeps defenders off balance with a solid punch and can hold his own against more powerful rushers. He might struggle with athletic pass rushers who can get off the snap quickly but can recover if he is able to punch at the defender. In run blocking Watt is a little more consistent, using his strength to gain leverage and pushing defenders back. He does need to be more consistent with his hands but has the ability to adapt as the play develops.

Watt could start from the get-go with the Giants and could develop into a nice replacement for Snee if Snee retires or becomes a cap casualty. Scouts have said, and stop me if you heard this before, that he has short arms. As we saw with Justin Pugh, shorts arms don’t matter too much in the NFL. It isn’t like Watt is a T-Rex. He can hold his own.

Watt will not be a first round pick so the Giants can use their first rounder on another need. Watt will probably go in the third or fourth round and could be a very nice addition to the Giants’ interior line. It would be better if he didn’t have to start right away but he could if it was needed.

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