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5 Indianapolis Colts Storylines To Follow Leading Up To Free Agency

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5 Indianapolis Colts Storylines To Follow

Indianapolis Colts Free Agency
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The Indianapolis Colts are heading into NFL free agency in prime position to be a major player. A team that is just one or two pieces away from being a true title contender, they have plenty of money to spend. But with so many good young players on the roster who will be due new contracts in the coming years, Indianapolis has to look at the big picture this offseason.

They have several veteran players who are in line for big contracts as well. Sure, those players make the Colts a better team, but Indy can’t afford — both literally and figuratively — to lock them up with long-term deals that eat up too much cap space.

This is the time when a team can either set themselves up as a serious contender for years to come, or they can overspend for short-term success and find themselves constantly fighting to keep their heads above the salary cap waters.

A team that was always built on offense, that hasn’t changed much with Andrew Luck at quarterback. One of the best young passers in the game, Luck has the team on the verge of real success, but that success will only come if the Colts can put a quality team around him.

If the Colts want to make sure that they set themselves up for a long run at multiple titles with Luck under center, they need to be smart about how they navigate free agency this year. They have plenty of big decisions to make, and these are the five storylines you’ll want to be following heading into free agency.

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5. Will The Defense Get An Upgrade?

Indianapolis Colts Free Agency
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The Colts have been a team built around their offense for as long as I can remember, and that isn't about to change anytime soon. But if they want to get over the hump and win a title, they need to get better on defense. They could use some of their free agency money to upgrade the interior of the defensive line and the linebackers.

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4. Will They Re-Sign Vontae Davis?

Vontae Davis Indianapolis Colts Free Agency
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Cornerbacks don't come cheap, and Vontae Davis is going to prove that this offseason. If he hits the open market he is likely to get a huge deal from someone, a deal that the Colts don't want to have to match or watch someone they just traded a second-round pick for walk away. They've been trying to get a deal done before free agency starts, but time is quickly running out.

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3. Will They Save Their Money?

Indianapolis Colts Free Agency
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Currently around $40 million under the cap for next year, the Colts have tons of money to spend this offseason, but they have a number of good, young players who will be up for new contracts in the next couple of years. Most notably, Luck will be in line to get a mega-deal, one they have to make sure they save enough money for. Just because you have the money to spend doesn't mean you should.

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2. Is Adam Vinatieri Coming Back?

Adam Vinatieri Indianapolis Colts Free Agency
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Adam Vinatieri has been one of the most reliable kickers in NFL history. He's as clutch as you can get, but he's also as expensive as you can get. The Colts have already said they are not going to use the franchise tag on him. I mean, of course they're not, only someone like the New York Jets would do that. They'll let him test the open market, but would love to bring him back next year.

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1. Is Eric Decker The Answer At Wide Receiver?

Eric Decker Indianapolis Colts Free Agency
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The Colts are in dire need of an elite outside receiver to pair with the diminutive slot receivers they already have. Luck needs a legitimate red zone threat who can spread the field for the rest of the offense. Eric Decker will get paid by someone — I wouldn't be that team — but the Colts could bring him in this offseason.