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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents the San Diego Chargers Should Avoid At All Costs

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5 Overrated NFL Free Agents the San Diego Chargers Should Avoid At All Costs

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There were a lot of positives for the San Diego Chargers last season, making a late-season run to make the playoffs and then winning their first playoff game. Many did not believe the Chargers had a chance, but with help from other teams, they were able to pull off the unthinkable. Now the time has come to decide what players to go after in free agency, as well as signing a few of their own free agents.

The problem is that the Chargers must be as efficient as possible with such little cap space. They have had a recent history of bad signings, including Robert Meachem and Jared Gaither, but have also managed to find some gems such as Danny Woodhead. This year, they must avoid overpaying free agents and focus on under the radar athletes.

The Chargers lack talent in quite a few positions, and cannot rely on only the draft to retool in order to make another playoff run. They need to shore up the interior of their offensive line, find a lockdown corner, obtain a wide receiver to complement Keenan Allen, add another pass-rusher and possibly sign a nose tackle to free up their linebackers. Adding a game breaker to the return game would not be a bad idea either. The options are there for the Chargers, but there are also plenty of attractive names who just do not produce as they should on the field. And the Chargers should avoid these players at all costs.

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Darren McFadden

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Darren McFadden was once considered a game-breaker with exceptional speed and power. Now, he is an injury-prone running back who has averaged 3.3 yards per carry the past two years. He has yet to play a full season since being drafted in 2008. The Chargers have had enough injury problems with Ryan Matthews, and should avoid going after another running back who will probably spend just as much time on the sidelines as on the field.

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Devin Hester

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Devin Hester has two jobs on the field. One is to return punts, and the other is to return kickoffs. Most teams do not bother punting to him anymore, and kickers consistently kick the ball out of the end zone on kickoffs nowadays. When he does get the ball in his hands, he looks for the big play instead of going north-south and maximizing his yards gained. He has only one touchdown return the past two years and will be 32 in November. For a player who relies on speed, age is not his friend anymore. There is no reason to waste a roster spot or free agent money on him.

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Hakeem Nicks

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Hakeem Nicks is a talented wide receiver who was considered a budding star a couple of years ago. He had 24 touchdowns in his first three seasons. Since then, he has had only three touchdowns and none last year. He has yet to play a full season and injuries have always hampered his play. His inability to give a full effort on every play will not sit well with the ultra-competitive Philip Rivers. Some team will surely overpay for his services, but the Chargers should not be that team.

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B.J. Raji

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Two years ago, B.J. Raji was one of the most dominant nose tackles in the game. His ability to command double teams helped make his linebackers look better than they were. More recently, he has not shown that same explosion and gets caught up in blocks too many times. His activity level has decreased which can be attributed to a lack of motivation on the field. At 28, he might have a few years left, but based off of the past two seasons, the Chargers should not overpay for this defensive lineman.

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Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

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The Cromartie name is well-known in the Chargers' organization, who had the fortune of having Antonio Cromartie for arguably his best and worst season in the NFL. Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie is similar in that he plays the same position and has a ton of talent. He is also similar in that there are times where he looks as if he just does not want to be playing football. He even mentioned earlier this offseason that he was considering retirement, although it does not look as if he will stick to that comment. The Chargers already have a young team, and adding an unmotivated individual will only hurt their defensive potential.