Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Morris Claiborne on the Trading Block

By Jesus Flores
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Morris Claiborne on the Trading Block
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During the 2012 NFL Draft, there was only one player that Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones wanted to move up to get; that player was cornerback Morris Claiborne.

Heading into the Draft it was Claiborne’s playmaking ability in college that made him the highest-rated defensive back; however, after Claiborne’s Wonderlic score was leaked to the media, questions about his intelligence surfaced.

Claiborne said that he didn’t put forth the effort because the Wonderlic test wasn’t football related.

“I came to the combine for football,” Claiborne said. “I looked at the test, and wasn’t any questions about football. I didn’t see no point in the test. I’m not in school anymore. I didn’t complete it. I only finished 15 or 18 questions.”

Shortly thereafter, reports surfaced that Claiborne had a learning disability, which his agent Bus Cook denied to USA TODAY.

Despite his Wonderlic test score, and not knowing much about him, the Cowboys traded up to the No. 6 overall spot with the St. Louis Rams and drafted Claiborne.

Today, however, it appears as though the Cowboys are ready to move on from Claiborne after two very disappointing seasons. Injuries and inconsistent play from the former No. The 6 overall pick, are rumored to be the reasons that the Cowboys are shopping Claiborne around.

While I do believe that the Cowboys will put out feelers to see what type of offers they can get, I don’t expect them to come out and fully admit to having Claiborne on the trading block. I say that because if other teams know that it’s the Cowboys pushing the envelope, then the Cowboys can expect nothing more than low-ball offers in return for Claiborne.

Personally, I think that Claiborne needs another year in this system, and a defensive line to protect him, but that’s just me. Hopefully, Rod Marinelli can take advantage of Claiborne’s skill set in 2014, as opposed to whatever it was that Monte Kiffin was trying to do in 2013.

I don’t want to call anyone out, but if the team is giving up on Claiborne after two seasons of injuries and inconsistent play, why is Matt Johnson still on this team?

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