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10 Reasons Why NFL Fans Hate Baseball Season

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NFL Football Fans
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The day after the Super Bowl starts the most dreaded waiting period for every NFL fan. Not only will you have to go months without being able to watch a professional football game, but MLB will be shoved down your throat all spring and summer.

The NFL Combine provides a few days of distraction for football fans, and speculation over the 2014 NFL Draft will keep fans occupied until May. When the excitement or disappointment of the new players your team acquired wears off, the next events before actual games start would be training camp and preseason matchups. It doesn't seem like that long of a waiting period, but waiting for the opening game of the NFL season is like being a five-year-old kid on Christmas Eve.

I once talked to an acquaintance about NCAA football, and he said he was once a big fan, but he wasn't able to keep up with it anymore. He said his wife told him he could only sit on the couch and watch football all day on either Saturday or Sunday. He decided to watch football on Sunday. People can keep up with several different sports, but they tend to gravitate to one more closely than others.

I don't feel that NFL fans actually hate baseball, but they just hate the baseball season. We become a little jealous of the MLB fans who are super excited that their favorite sport is back in action. While we are stuck searching the internet for any type of new football stories, there is never a lack of baseball content on the television during the spring and summer.

When people think of America, baseball has always seemed to be a part of our history. That is a very appealing aspect to the sport and an argument that MLB fans make about why baseball is better than football. You can like football and baseball, but like I said, the type of personality you have tends to gravitate towards one sport more than the others. If the NBA is like jazz music and MLB is like the opera, then the NFL is like some type of rock-rap group that is right in your face.

I know you are struggling right now football fans, but be patient.

Here are ten reasons why NFL fans hate baseball season.

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10. People Talking About Baseball

NFL Fans
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If I hear anybody talking about the NFL, I am able to easily insert myself into the conversation. Even though I am a Baltimore Ravens fan, I have had great football conversations with everyone from Oakland Raiders fans to Green Bay Packers fans. If someone wants to get into an in-depth conversation about baseball with me, it won't be a long chat.

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9. Fantasy Baseball Snobs

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I consistently hear that fantasy baseball is for true fans, while fantasy football is just for everyone else. Not true. While fantasy football can involve more luck than fantasy baseball, any statistician whom has never watched a baseball game in his life can win a fantasy championship. If you are a number cruncher, you can have a good fantasy baseball season without really watching the games. Respect the fact that each game is fun and allows people to connect with each other.

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8. NFL Players Get In Trouble

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NFL players are like the rest of us civilians in the offseason as they seem to get bored without football. The consequences in the offseason have drastic implications for the regular season.

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7. Baseball Is On Every Channel

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From your local news channel to sports networks, you will not be able to escape baseball recaps.

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6. Too Much Commitment

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On Sunday, I try to get everything that I need to get finished in my personal life completed by 1:00 pm. Being able to watch all the games for your team in MLB is almost impossible. I am able to watch every single NFL game for the Ravens, but to do that for the Baltimore Orioles would take over my life.

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5. The Weather Is Too Nice To Stay Inside

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You want to get into baseball, but the outside deck has just opened up at your favorite bar. Why would you want to sit inside when the days are long and the weather is perfect? Attending a game during the summer is a different experience, but football fans are used to watching games when it is below freezing and it gets dark outside at 5:00 pm. NFL fans want to take advantage of the summer nights before football season starts.

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4. Cheerleaders

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Yes, MLB has dancing acts and other sort of "cheerleaders." However, the sport is truly lacking in the beauty department. Some say that a lack of cheerleaders maintains the purity of the game, and I do understand that. When your team is getting crushed in the NFL, however, your day can still be brightened up by a pretty face trying to keep you excited about the game.

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3. Lack Of An Experience

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You may be able to grab a beer or two at a near by bar and have a mini-tailgate in the parking lot before going to a baseball game, but hanging out before a NFL game is an event. People will plan their tailgates weeks in advance, and everyone is normally very generous with their food. From cornhole to full catering, the time spent before an NFL game can be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

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2. Super Bowl Champs Can't Play At Home

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Champions
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Sometimes if you win a Super Bowl, you can't open the season at your own stadium because of baseball. I wish the Ravens and Orioles could have found a compromise this past season that would have allowed the champions of the NFL to play at home. The Ravens did get destroyed though by Peyton Manning, but the game still should have been in Baltimore.

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1. George Carlin Is Right

George Carlin Football vs Baseball
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If you have ever listened to George Carlin, he makes some pretty good points in his football and baseball routine. If you are craving smash-mouth, adrenaline-filled athletics, baseball just can not replace football. To quote Mr. Carlin: "Baseball is played on a diamond, in a park. The baseball park! Football is played on a gridiron, in a stadium, sometimes called Soldier Field or War Memorial Stadium".