49ers Re-Sign Anquan Boldin, Take First Step Towards Successful Offseason

By Andrew Fisher
Anquan Boldin
USA Today Sports

Even though the San Francisco 49ers are coming off their third straight trip to the NFC title game, there are still many questions and uncertainties surrounding the franchise. For most teams in this position, the outlook for the future is bright. But with the 49ers, no one is really sure what to think anymore. However, with the news of Anquan Boldin re-signing in San Fran, fans can breath a little easier.

If the 49ers had let Boldin leave in free agency, I would have dubbed them as ‘absolutely crazy’. Receivers like Boldin are straight up hard to come by and if he didn’t prove his worth in 2013, I don’t know what else he could do to prove it. The guy is a clutch, hard-nosed wide receiver, who plays his best football when it matters most. I shutter to think what the Niners’ passing game would have looked like in 2013 without him.

Boldin will now likely finish out his career in San Fran, as he’s under contract for the next two seasons. At the conclusion of 2015, he’ll be 35 going on 36, and it’s hard to see him playing much more beyond that.

So with Boldin now officially on the books for another two years, most of the attention will turn to the Jim Harbaugh situation. In my book, he’s more of a priority than Boldin. The rumors of tension between Harbaugh, the GM and the team, aren’t really hard to believe. But it is hard to believe the 49ers aren’t willing to overlook his hard-nosed style. Harbaugh has the storied franchise back to a place it hasn’t been in two decades, so to me, this offseason won’t be a complete success unless he’s retained.

For now, Niners fan can breath a sigh of relief with this Boldin news.


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